Blind Shaker and Knock Box Bundle ## newsletter offer ##

Blind Shaker and Knock Box Bundle ## newsletter offer ##

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A Newsletter subscriber offer - Shaker + KnockBox


The best way to redistribute your coffee grinds and ensure the best extraction with your Gaggia Classic

Ensuring that your grinds are light, fluffy and well distributed is a key aspect of puck preparation.  "Shaking" the output from your grinder, before placing redistributed grinds into your portafilter REALLY helps with overall shot quality and extraction. 

The Shades Shaker is designed for the Classic's 58mm baskets, and using this high quality anodized black aluminium tool (often in addition to some light WDT afterwards) helps you to fully redistribute fines, reduce static, increase "fluffiness" and better homogenise the grinds - which decreases the chance of channelling, and plays a big part in increasing extraction yields of your shots.

We've been using one of these for a few months - and the consistency and quality of our shots has definitely improved.  Join other home baristas in discovering the benefits of shaking as part of your puck prep and workflow process.

The Shades Shaker is around 75mm tall, and 75mm diameter, weighing approx 220g

Knock Box:

The perfect small knock box for a Gaggia Classic

We are huge fans of only selling products that we know and use ourselves - and we know that these small Classic sized knock boxes are the perfect addition to your coffee corner.

Small enough to store on your Classic drip tray when not in use (as seen in the photo gallery) and large enough to easily hold 6-10 coffee pucks, these knock boxes solve a number of day-to-day problems, including:

  • Dripping coffee from a portafilter all over the kitchen floor, on the journey from coffee corner to waste bin...
  • "Knocking out" into a kitchen waste bin, only to find that the basket comes out as well - and often denting expensive metal bins...
  • Quickly and cleanly removing spent coffee pucks from the basket in between shots without needing to move from your coffee station

The Shades knock-box is 10.2cm high, the circular non-slip base is 10cm diameter, and the slightly larger top is around 10.5cm deep, 11cm wide.

With an easy to clean, and simple to remove cushioned metal knock bar, the entire knock box (made of ABS) can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

The cushioned knock-bar makes it quieter in use than many others, and the non-slip base helps it to stay in place during use.

Very useful, very compact and at a great price - if you don't currently use a knock-box, then these can transform your workflow process!

This product contains both of these items:

  • Shades Shaker
    • Lid
    • Body
    • Inner conical shaker
  • Shades Knockbox

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