Brazil - Necessary actions and Processes

Brazil - Necessary actions and Processes


As I'm sure you are aware, the process for successfully importing commercial shipments (even small ones) through Brazil Customs can be cumbersome, painful and sometimes difficult.

We have reached out to Correios Brazil for help and information that may help you to ensure that your shipment is processed by Brazilian Customs successfully and isn't simply returned to us due to missing information or unpaid taxes.

The information we have is as follows:

1. When processing your order on Shades of Coffee - you MUST create an account on our website, so that you can obtain an electronic copy of the Commercial Invoice for your purchase.  If you do not have an account, you cannot download a PDF copy of the invoice which is necessary for Customs processing.

2. When selecting a Shipping service for Brazil, you can only select a TRACKED mail service - as the tracking code is also required in order for you to process the Customs processing.

3. When entering your delivery address information for shipping, you MUST enter your CPF within the "Company" name field of the delivery address.  It MUST be in the format of 111.222.333-44 (14 characters, no spaces, no other text).

Once your order has been submitted on here, you will be able to enter the "My Account" section of this website, and then the "My Orders" area will show your orders - and from here you must download a PDF copy of your invoice - which you will need to submit to Correios (see below).

We will process your order and dispatch it via Royal Mail as soon as possible.  When this happens, you will receive a tracking code (probably in the format of LE123456789GB) within our Dispatch Confirmation email and also probably within an email from Royal Mail.

Once you have this, and in advance of the shipment arriving in Brazil, you must process the shipment as follows (from Correios):

If Customers have registered on the Correios platform "Minhas Importações", they will receive a message to provide the CPF in the Correios system.

Even if the Customer has not made the registration, when they consult the tracking of the item, they will see that necessary information is missing and they need to enter the Tax ID information there. (This is why it is important for the Customer to have thr shipment tracking number as soon as the item has been dispatched)

Below is the link to the "Minhas Importações" platform:

IMPORTANT NOTE – the recipient can only access"Minhas Importações" or My Imports ONCE, so you will need to add the CPF details and a copy of the Commercial Invoice at the same time.

Hopefully, if you follow all of these steps, your shipment will successfully clear Customs and arrive with you - and NOT be returned to us.

Good luck!