Brew and Steam Thermostats

Steam and Brew thermostats

Stock situation:
  Standard 107C Brew Thermostat : Less than ten left
  Standard 145C Steam Thermostat : Last one or two!!!
  Uprated 155C Steam Thermostat : Still in double figures


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Whilst we are strong advocates of just removing the thermostats on a Classic and replacing them with full PID control, we appreciate that there are often cases where a replacement or upgraded thermostat is required or preferred - and we therefore offer the following thermostats:

  • Standard 107C brew thermostat - 110V/250V 16A M4 mount

  • Standard 145C steam thermostat - 110V/250V 16A M4 mount

  • Uprated 155C steam thermostat (useful if you want more steam power) - 110V/250V 16A M4 mount

These thermostats are provided "as is" and without any installation or use instructions - as it is assumed that in buying them you know what they are, how to fit/replace them and how to use them.  We can offer help and advice, and please contact us via webchat if required.

Care should be taken when mounting these thermostats, as the M4 connectors are brass and can be easily broken if tools and/or excess force is used.  Mounting them firmly finger tight is usually sufficient.  Whilst the steam thermostat hole is open on both sides, you really don't want to break one of these off in the brew thermostat hole - as it's a nightmare to remove.

(Gaggia Classic 2019+ model) Ordered the 155c steam thermostat on Wednesday and received it today (Friday). Installed it easily using YouTube videos. Long story short the amount of power the steam wand has now is incredible. I'll have to learn how to steam milk again as I've got so used to the lower pressure of the Gaggia Classic. If you start steaming once the red light comes on, you still get the reduction in pressure towards the end, but not as much. I found if I purge the wand at 20-25 seconds and start to steam at 35-40 seconds I have constant pressure throughout. Great little upgrade for the Gaggia Classic!


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