Classic Steam Valve - new design Shades of Coffee version

Classic Steam Valve - new design Shades of Coffee version

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Read the info below - and if you are genuinely interested in purchasing one of these valves once they become available then please sign up for stock notification emails using the button above.  Please only sign-up once, and obviously signing up for notification emails won't mean that you are absolutely committing to purchase, and you're under no obligation at all - but it'll really help us to determine how large our initial production run can be, and therefore help to reduce final selling price to you.


The Gaggia Classic steam valve has remained essentially the same design for 25+ years.  It uses a needle valve, which once used for a few weeks/months, usually starts to annoyingly drip and leak - due to it not sealing properly.

The standard Gaggia valve is also non-serviceable as standard, and hence the "fix" for this issue has always been to buy a new valve - which then works for a while and then starts leaking, again - and the annoying and expensive cycle continues.... or you just live with a leak.

Shades of Coffee looked at this problem - often cited as the most annoying aspect of Gaggia Classic ownership - and decided to work to design and develop a new Classic steam valve - that is completely different internally and won't leak, yet looks almost the same externally and can be easily fitted as a replacement to the standard valve on any Classic (except RI9403).

As with anything, it's still possible for internal parts of the valve to wear out or break over time - so we also wanted to make the new valve entirely user serviceable.   So we'll also be making all internal service parts available for purchase to anyone who has bought one of these valves.  This will include all o-rings and the main PTFE seal, but won't include the brass valve body or valve shaft (which should never need replacing anyway).

It's still possible for condensation to build up inside your steam wand - so you may see one drip from the wand after use - but the resigned nature of the actual valve means that no water or steam will be able to leak into the valve/wand during normal use.

Our new valve is a direct like-for-like replacement for the original Gaggia Classic valve, but has a few key differences:

1. PTFE valve seal, rather than brass-on-brass needle valve.

2. Easily serviced or cleaned, if ever required.

3. Shortened boiler mounting stem - to avoid Evo boiler coating damage when mounting.

4. Supplied with a red silicone o-ring for boiler mounting.

5. Due to the large nut on the end of the valve (allowing it to be serviced) the original black plastic knob protection disk (installed behind the steam knob) will no longer fit and it can be removed.

6. Constructed from lead-free brass, and using Viton o-rings internally.


We are finalising the design and continuing to test our valve, but hope to have final production units some time around April 2024.


The important question of cost has yet to be finalised - which is partly why we are making this product page available.

The more valves we are able to have manufactured within our initial production run, the lower the cost of the valves will be to us - and hence we will be able to offer them for sale at a similarly lower price. Having 500 valves made will make them much cheaper than having 50 made.

Our focus is on ensuring excellent performance, no leaks and solving the actual steam valve problem - and doing so at a "reasonable" price  (ie we're not prepared to set a selling price and then work to that; potentially compromising on our design or quality in order to meet it).

However, as a ball-park we would anticipate them costing more than a standard replacement valve, but hopefully not as much as two standard replacement valves.

(the product photo shows an early development unit, and final production valves should appear similar to this but not identical).

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