Combination Force Tamper and Distribution tool - 58.5mm

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Combination Force Tamper and Distribution tool - 58.5mm

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Combination 30lbs Force Tamper and Distribution tool (58.5mm)

The Shades of Coffee 58.5mm combination force tamper and distributor is a new and exciting tool that we've been using recently and hope you enjoy it too.

It features:

  • Dual ended tamper / distributor - with a total weight of approx 610g.
  • Constructed from high quality aluminium and chrome polished steel, with matt black body and discrete Shades of Coffee branding.

The tamper includes:

  • Calibrated 30lb force spring, for ease of tamping at "industry standard" pressure - at a depth of up to approx 14mm below the basket rim.
  • 58.5mm diameter - for a great fit within most IMS / VST precision and standard 58mm baskets.
  • Maximum tamping depth approx 14mm

The distributor includes:

  • 3 distribution lobes (as shown in the photos)
  • Adjustable distributor depth (adjusted simply by screwing in and out, with the distributor held in place by light spring pressure)
  • 58.5mm diameter - for a great fit within most IMS / VST precision and standard 58mm baskets.
  • Maximum distributor depth approx 12mm

I bought this a few weeks ago. I'm not really satisfied with it and am looking for other options. The distribution tool adjustment is quite loose and the tamper cannot be adjusted at all. It works, there are just better options out there, IMO. {SoC feedback] Thanks for your comments Gabriel. The distribution side of the tool is designed to be relatively easy to rotate - though the resistance is strong enough that it doesn't move when you're using it - so the distribution aspects are by design. The tamper, as described within the product description and shown within the demo video, is a force compression tamper - not one that tamps to a specific depth (which may be what you're thinking of, and these are often screw-in/out adjustable and relatively cheap as they're simpler non-force tampers). The force tamper has a 30lb spring inside it, with the whole idea being that it exerts a constant force upon your coffee every time. Hence (again by design) you shouldn't need to adjust it in any way, it will compress the coffee with the 30lbs of force to whatever depth that means it compresses to.


This absolutely does what it says on the tin. I've struggled with getting a consistent flat tamp and I've been through a number of other tampers including some very expensive ones and I've always struggling with a flat tamp and a consistent pressure of tamp. This solves all of that and for a great price. I use the distribution side as well but I also use a WDT tool beforehand and apply a puck screen afterwards and this process gives me some great shots with good distribution and usually no signs of channelling. I'd recommend it if you struggle with consistent and flat tamps.


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