Dosing Cylinder 58mm - tamp through - aluminium or stainless steel

Dosing Cylinder 58mm - tamp through - aluminium or stainless steel

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Grinding and puck prep are key areas of espresso workflow that can be steam-lined and improved upon (made easier, tidier, more effective, etc.).  We've always found that a good dosing cylinder really helps with this.

For a few years we've been using a custom designed dosing cylinder at Shades of Coffee, but wanted to make a few minor improvements to this and then make (in our view) the "perfect" dosing cylinder available for sale on here. So here it is! 

Our dosing cylinder really helps improve our espresso workflow by:

  • Ensuring that all ground coffee ends up in the portafilter and basket - and doesn't spray or bounce all over your bench
  • Has a profiled upper circumference (the same as a basket rim), for mounting into many grinder portafilter mounts
  • There's no indent or ring or problem with the ground coffee bed, caused by any internal overhang of the cylinder into the basket (as is present when using many other dosing rings, funnels or cylinders).
  • Can easily be WDT'd through (depending on the WDT tool being used)
  • Can then also be tamped through
  • Mounts on the rim of the portafilter basket, and won't rotate

It has a few important features:

  • CNC machined from billet aluminium or stainless steel.  The aluminium version is then anodized (maintaining a silver finish).
  • Suitable for 58mm portafilters: Gaggia or E61 (or any portafilter with two "ears" of maximum length of about 27.5mm)
  • Works with 68mm (Gaggia size) or 70mm (standard size) baskets - such as Gaggia, IMS, VST, Pullman, etc.
  • Cylindrical design - with the same "rim profile" on the top of the cylinder as on the top of baskets
    • Dosing cylinders can be stacked on top of each other if you really want to!
    • Some grinders have tamper mounts that use a "rim profile" for fitment
  • 60mm internal diameter - for tamping through the dosing cylinder if required (our 58.5mm tampers fit through them very nicely)
    • No internal mounting overhang into the basket or coffee / tamped area at all - unlike many other dosing rings / cylinders / funnels
  • 70mm external diameter of the main cylinder - with thick 5mm walls
  • 20mm additional height - with the cylinder measuring approx 28mm from top to bottom, including the mount
  • "Mass rather than magnets" design.  As many precision baskets are made from austenitic stainless steel (which is generally not magnetic) we wanted to have a cylinder that mounted securely onto the basket based on the design and mass of the cylinder rather than relying on magnets.

We have the same design of cylinder available in either:

  • Stainless Steel - 205g
  • Anodized Aluminium - 70g

This product contains:

  • Shades Dosing Cylinder - made from either anodized aluminium or stainless steel

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