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E61 Group thermometer

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## This product is now discontinued - and we don't anticipate having any further stock ##

For our friends with E61 based espresso machines, Shades of Coffee have recently acquired a limited quantity of E61 digital group head thermometers.

As can be seen in the image gallery, the thermometer simply replaces the standard hex bolt found within most standard E61 groups.

The thermometer reads the temperature of the water as it passes through the E61 brew water path - a few cms above the puck.  Hence it will give a very good indication of the temperature of the water exiting the shower-screen (though some compensation should be applied due to the fact that it is sited a short distance further into the group head).

The thermometer is milled from a solid piece of quality 316 stainless steel, with the digital thermometer in black plastic.

It is rated for temperatures between -50c and 300c - hence well within the range of espresso extraction.   Displaying in C or F is user selectable.

It's very simple to use - simply turn it on and it will display the current group head temperature.  When you start brewing, it will quickly show the temperature of the water as it flows through the E61 group.  If you forget to turn it off, then it will automatically power off after a few minutes - to save the battery.

If required, and as described within the included instructions, the device can be re-calibrated simply using a bowl of iced water.


Fitting the thermometer is a very simple five minute task, which involves unscrewing the existing hex bolt (with a supplied Allen key) and then fitting a compression washer (three supplied - see below and image gallery) to the thermometer, and carefully screwing it into the group in place of the original hex bolt - initially finger tight, and then securing it with the supplied 10mm wrench.  Finally you can turn the device to the correct vertical orientation to ensure it can be read easily.

Should you ever wish to, removal of the device is the reverse - unscrew the temperature sensor and refit the hex bolt.

This product contains:

  • E61 digital group thermometer device with 316 stainless steel group sensor
  • Suitable Allen key for the removal of the existing hex bolt from the E61 group
  • 10mm wrench/spanner for the installation of the digital group thermometer within the E61 group
  • 3 copper crush washers 
  • Installation, use and calibration instructions

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Does this fit the Gaggia Classic Pro?
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No, this isn't for Gaggia machines - it's for E61 based machines

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