Gaggia Classic OPV spring mod kit - Standard version (just springs)

OPV springs

Gaggia Classic OPV spring mod kit - Standard version (just springs)

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NOTE: Be aware that some sellers are trying to copy our OPV mod kits but are selling kits that don’t perform properly. Usually they are showing images of a Classic with 9 bar on a static pressure test, which will be 8 bar when pouring. Our kits correctly show +1 bar on a static pressure test … so 9 bar spring shows 10 bar; 6.5 bar shoes 7.5 and 5 shows 6.

If you have a newer style Gaggia Classic (depending on the market, this is either models after 2015 for the EU or models after 2018 for the US), then you will have a new style OPV valve - as shown in the Gallery images.

THIS KIT IS ONLY RELEVANT to your Classic if it is one of the following:

  • Model RI9480/?? - UK/EU Gaggia Classic 2019  (inc. 2019-22/30th Anniversary) - with three separate switches on the front
  • Model RI9380/?? - US Gaggia Classic Pro (inc. 2019-22/30th Anniversary)  - with three separate switches on the front
  • Model RI9481/?? - UK/EU new Gaggia Classic Evo 2023 - with three separate switches on the front
  • Model RI9381/?? - US new Gaggia Classic Pro Evo  - with three separate switches on the front
  • Model RI9403/??- UK/EU "New" Gaggia Classic 2015-2018 - with different switches and internals to the traditional Classic and no vent tube

This product was designed for the new Classic models (Classic Pro / Classic 2019) though is also relevant to the EU RI9403/?? (2015-18) model and the latest Classic Evo models - as they use the same fixed OPV.  Some other Gaggia models (eg Baby) may also use this similar valve, and hence this kit will also apply if it uses a similar pump-mounted black plastic OPV.

This new style OPV valve is characterised by being a black plastic valve attached to the top of the pump - that has TWO pipes leading from it, as can be seen in the Gallery images.

This product is the standard version,  which is just the different pressure springs, and is relevant if your machine already has TWO pipes visible within the water tank, as also shown in the Gallery images.

If you only have ONE pipe visible in the water tank then you need the PLUS version of the kit (that includes additional pipe).

Spring pressures

The 9 bar spring is great for general use, and is the "industry standard" espresso extraction pressure.  Most people will use this one.

The 6.5 bar spring is good for some espressos, and lower pressure extractions are being used in many coffee shops now.  It's worth trying this one, as you may prefer the taste and mouthfeel that lower pressure extractions produce.  Some careful installation of the spring and replacement of the floating valve seat may be required with this one, otherwise you can find that steam pressure will leak out of the valve and reduce your steaming power.

The 5 bar spring is very low - and again it's great to try it - but this one is quite low pressure and can cause some challenges when you steam; as the steam pressure can escape from the OPV if it exceeds 5 bar.  Great for straight espresso or Americano lovers though.

I've installed the OPV mod kit and now I don't have much steam power, what's up?


Please remove the lid from your espresso machine (the two small screws at the rear of the machine, within the black plastic lid) and absolutely confirm that your pump looks like the one shown within the Gallery images - with the black plastic valve that has TWO pipes attached.

This kit contains:

  • 9 bar spring
  • 6.5 bar spring
  • 5 bar spring
  • Installation instructions

NOTE that once you have bought this kit and checked out, the installation and use manual will be sent to you as a PDF digital download - so you can start reading.

DISCLAIMER:  The installation of any of our parts or kits, and any modification of any espresso machines undertaken by reference to our installation and/or user guides, should only be conducted by persons with proper electrical safety knowledge who are capable and qualified to undertake such work and modifications.  Many of the components within espresso machines operate at high temperature, high pressure and with mains electrical voltages at high current in the presence of water – any of these could cause serious personal injury, shock, burns, fire, explosion, other property damage and possibly death.  We shall hence not be liable for any damage to property, personal injury or other loss caused by the improper or incorrect use of the aforementioned installation and/or user guides or the provided kit(s) or any of those kit’s component or constituent parts.  By commencing installation of our kit(s) you agree to accept all liability associated with the modification of your espresso machine, and agree to hold us in no way responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever, wherever or whenever caused.  You further agree to indemnify us and our agents, officers, directors and employees, immediately and on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any installation, use, misuse or failure of any of our kits or component parts thereof.

Great product and easy mod!


türkiyeden alışveriş yapmayı düşünen arkadaşlar güvenle alabilirsiniz.yaklaşık 10 gün içinde teslim edildi


This little and cheap thing transforms the GC to a really great mashine. Also very detailed presentation in website. Overall perfect


Wonderful! I love this 9 bar upgrade. Just get it! Espresso tastes so much better. So easy to install too


Quick and resonable shipping to the USA. Really easy to do, clear instructions. Made a big difference in my espresso extraction. Thanks!


Easy peasy. I did the install in 2 minutes. Lot of improvement in the shot


Didn't even bother using the original spring due to information on forums, swapped for the 9bar straight away, 5 minute easy swap & great tasing espresso!


Replaced the og 15 bar spring on the Gaggia CP with the 9bar and added a IMS Gaggia 200µm precision shower screen. The process is fairly simple. The espresso is noticeably better out of the gate. Cheap and easy upgrade that pays off with every shot!

George Lanum

Pretty quick delivery to Australia. I paired the spring kit with the universal portafilter pressure gauge. Before replacing the original OPV spring, I was getting a reading of 14 bar. After a straightforward installation of the replacement 9 bar spring, the reading is now 10 bar on the pressure gauge - spot on! The new 9 bar spring has given a much more reliable shot with a bottomless portafilter. Definitely recommend the modification.


Quick and easy install makes a world of difference. Well labelled, clear instructions. No brainer.


The guide made it super easy to do the install and I am not a terribly handy person. It was a bit tough to remove the hose from the pump but if you use your fingernail you can gently pry it off quite easily. Still trying to dial in the settings now that I am using the 9 bar spring (it extracts faster than with the original spring).


The spring works good but the installation wasn't easy (no fault to the seller). I ended up breaking the plastic part that goes to the pump, and had to get it replaced. It was honestly too easy to break and I'm a girl so no excessive force was used. Just a bit of a cautionary tale.


Quite fast delivery considering the reality we live in. Installation went smooth, the machine works like a charm, no more channeling, steam pressure is (as far as i can tell) quite the same as with the original spring. Thank you!! Definitely will recommend to others.


I've got the newest classic pro, and my first shot after installing the 9bar spring was night and day. Installation as also a piece of cake. I'm excited to play around with the 6.5 and 5bar springs too considering how easy it was to swap out.


Among all of the possible mods for the Gaggia classic, the OPV mod is by far the most effective in terms of bang for the bucks. It is very cheap, embarrassedly easy to install and it will completely change the quality of your shots. I think that the GCP comes out of factory with the 12 bar OPV mainly because this machine is meant to be for the mass customer that will always use it with the pressurised basket. If you are a home barista and you use non pressurised basket, you should really change your OPV pressure to 9 bars. I would highly recommend this kit, if you have doubts about the installation, you can also find a video on YouTube and see how easy it is to install.


There are many threads and videos online talking about the pros of this mod. I'll comment on the shopping and installation experience instead. The order processing and delivery was quick. The instructions were clear. I have the new RI9480/11 model and its tubing and OPV were done up really tight from the factory. I would perhaps mention in the installation manual that a small flat head screwdriver or even a needle help greatly in taking the tube off by digging under it. Also, IMO, a dedicated 10mm spanner is a must. I tried an adjustable wrench it was simply too awkward to unscrew the tight OPV. The 9 bar spring works as intended. I have no issues with steaming pressure. I'm very happy with the purchase overall. Thank you for doing Gaggia's work for them, Mr. Shades.


Fantastic mod, and fairly easy to install. I'm not mechanically inclined, and it was a fairly simple process. The hardest bit for me was getting the tube off of the valve, just took a bit of patience. I pulled a shot from the same beans/ratio/grind/etc and noticed a pretty nice flavor improvement. I also noticed the flow from the head seems much more "rain drop" like with much less streaming. It was also shipped out fast, took a bit to get here, but that's on the post office/COVID, not Shades.

Robert J

Waited 6 months after buying the machine to do the upgrade. First impressions are great as others have said. 9 BAR spring delivers better flow and less channeling. The shots taste great once you redial in. Seem like the stock Spring produces more acidity, but just my opinion. I highly recommend this upgrade to try. No change in my steaming performance with the 9 BAR. And if you you don't like it the original spring can put put back in easily.

John in Seattle

Its amazing how much this small spring can change the taste and overall experience of making espresso, definitely must have upgrade for Gaggia classic

Aleksandre Andghuladze

Great mod! I used the 9 bar spring and am very happy. Order arrived in the US in only 3 days!!!! Will do business again! Thanks (SoC edit to add that it should be noted that this order was delivered quickly by FedEx)


Really great value to add your setup. 9 bar difference is like day and night. With fair pricing, easy to install, and one of fastest shipping it is great deal to who thinking to purchase this upgrade. Highly recommended.

Kerim Kutay Topkaç

Extremely easy install and quick shipping to the US.


Ordered it on a Tuesday and had 9 bar on Saturday. Fitting the spring was easy thanks to the clear instructions (PDF and on Youtube).


Item delivered, im expecting it will take 2 weeks to reach Malaysia, but it only take 1 week. Super easy installation, now i can brew my coffee with 9 bar preasure. Thanks alot seller.

Amir N

A 5 minute job that transforms the extraction, slows the flow down nicely. Great taste too. Went for the 9 bar spring.


Received relatively quickly and super easy installation. Didn't really need the instructions either but appreciated it was readily available. Bonus first shot pulled nicely as well.


Wow what a change to extraction, flow and taste. Easy to install, highly recommended.


4 days from order to receiving in USA. Newer classic pro so I just needed the springs. Able to grind finer for better flavor and aroma. A quality upgrade for sure!


Really simple and easy mod, that greately improves extraction. Also inexpensive and easily reversable, with very clear installing instructions. The additional venting mod of the plus kit really makes sense, it's neat and the drip tray does not get full so quickly. I highly recommend it.


Easy to install, simple instruction guide. Can't really go wrong. I've only fitted the 9 bar spring but nice to have the others for later experimentation.


This is a great tweak to your Classic at a very low price! I ended up using the 9 bar spring, which was very easy to install. I initially tried the 6.5 bar spring, but it gave me some trouble when steaming because it (obviously) applies less pressure to the gasket, which in turn had trouble seating properly and would leak steam/water once the boiler got above about 140C. This caused it to lose steam pressure quickly. If you hear a horrible bubbling/boiling sound, that's signals that the gasket isn't seating properly and you're losing pressure. After about four tries at cleaning things out and re-seating it, I decided to try the 9 bar spring. The 9 bar spring was super easy to install and gave me no trouble at all. I'm sure the 6.5 bar spring would work with a bit more patience, but I'm very happy with the 9 bar. This is a great, inexpensive upgrade!


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from John Koroglu

Your question:

hi there. just wanted to confirm that the tallest of the three (3) is the 9 bar variant? before going ahead and installing it (springs were not marked as to what rating they are..) thank you!
Our answer:
The fitting instructions (that you are emailed a link to after purchase, and a link to them is also provided with the kit ) show photographs of the springs, and gives you an explanation of the pressure that each spring provides.   The longest one is 6.5 bar, then there are two shorter ones - the firmer one (when squeezing the springs gently and slightly from end to end) is 9 bar, and the softer one is 5 bar.Hope this helps!

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from Kirk Barnes

Your question:

I see that you indicate that there may be a loss o f pressure in the steam valve if the 6.5 or 5 bar spring is used. You make no claims in regards to the 9 Bar spring could you please indicate if I will see a loss of pressure (and if so how noticeable) if I install your 9 Bar spring mod. Thank you
Our answer:
Good question - and thanks for asking.  Normally the steam pressure is comfortably contained by the OPV - and this is definitely the case with the 9 bar spring;  when you use the 6.5bar spring then you MAY find that if the valve cap isn't seating properly then steam pressure can leak out (reseating it properly usually resolves this).  If you have a PID with much higher than standard steam pressure then this higher pressure can sometimes also leak with the 6.5bar spring.  Whilst the 5 bar spring is good to try and experiment with, it's good for espresso and Americano drinkers - but if you steam then you will probably find that steam and water escape via the OPV as the containment pressure is low.So - in summary - you shouldn't have any steam issues with the 9 bar spring, and if you do then you can usually resolve this by reseating the spring and valve cap.   Typically 6.5bar will be fine too.  5 bar may have steam pressure issues.

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from Mike

Your question:

How will the mod from the OEM 12 bar down to the 9 bar spring impact the recipe? All other things being equal, I assume the grind would need more fine to produce the same pull. Is that right? Thanks!!
Our answer:
Thanks for your question Mike - and yes,you'll typically find that as you lower the pressure of the extraction you should (or rather can) make the grind finer accordingly.  This can be quite noticeable when dropping from 12 to 6.5 - and perhaps less so when going from 12 to 9.

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from Damiano

Your question:

Hi, I just purchased a Gaggia Classic Pro 2020. I would like to know if this kit would work. I would to bring down the pressure to 9.5 bar. Thank you!
Our answer:
Thanks for asking the question - and yes, this kit is designed for exactly that purpose.  Its for the Gaggia Classic Pro (or Gaggia Classic 2019, or Gaggia Classic 2015-2018 in the EU, with the new plastic OPV on top of the pump) - and it provides three replacement springs;  one lowers the pressure to 9 bar, another to 6,5 bar and the third to 5 bar.If you have a US Gaggia Classic Pro then you probably just need this Standard kit - you probably don't need the PLUS version.

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from Haggai

Your question:

Hi, your kit sounds intriguing indeed! My question - if it is a concensus that espresso needs 9 bar, why does Gaggia make the machine with 12 bar?
Our answer:
Thanks for your question - it's often asked, and hence a fairly comprehensive answer to it appears on our FAQ page.  If you'd like to know anything more then please email us or use our webchat facility and we'd be pleased to help further or just chat about coffee :-)

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from sandy

Your question:

Hello, There is a heavy debate about optimal espresso pressure being 11bar for vibration pump machines (gaggia classic) in contrast to the good old 9 bars for rotary pump machines. What is your opinion on that? And is it possible to order also a spring calibrated for 11 bar? I would really like to test it out for myself, since in the end the taste of the espresso remains the most important factor. Thank you very much Cheers
Our answer:
Thanks for your interesting query.  I don't believe there is ANY debate about the use of 11 bar for extracting espresso on vibe pump machines today.  What you may be referring to is an old YouTube video from 2012 that includes Bezzera stating that they use 11bar for vibe machines (and many people still refer to this today and some even believe it!).  A few months after this video came out, they released a mod kit for their own machines that reduced the 11 bar down to 9 bar as they realised that they were wrong in using 11 bar.  So 9 bar is preferable to 11+ bar - but today, the debate is whether an even lower pressure is better... hence the 5 bar and 6.5 bar springs in our kit.   Many good coffee shops are extracting at 6-7 bar today, in preference to the good old 9 bar of yesterday.The standard OPV spring in the Classic Pro / Classic 2019 is rated at 11.5-12 bar, so if you have a standard spring today then you are using something around 11-12 bar as the maximum brew pressure already.  

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from Theo

Your question:

I have an older Gaggia Classic (model RI9303, mfg date 6/2016). The internals don't match any of the photos or descriptions of the machines for which these spring kits were I missing something? Does my machine even have an OPV spring? How do I go about adjusting the OPV pressure?? Pls halp
Our answer:
Earlier Classics all have an adjustable brass OPV mounted on the right rear of the boiler - you can adjust these with simple workshop tools;  but check YouTube and you'll find a few videos showing what to do and how to do it.  You can adjust "blind" if you know the machine hasn't been adjusted before (1.25 turns anticlockwise normally works) but if you want to be more precise then you need to use a portafilter mounted pressure gauge, which you can often borrow from fellow Classic owners - or we sell on here.

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