Gaggia Classic - Stainless Steel or Brass Dispersion Plate / Shower Screen Holder - 58mmx14.5mm

Gaggia Classic - Stainless Steel or Brass Dispersion Plate / Shower Screen Holder - 58mmx14.5mm

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  brass : Hundreds of them


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The Gaggia Classic Pro from 2020 onwards now has this dispersion plate (stainless steel) fitted as standard.  

However, it's available here - manufactured in either stainless steel or brass - for retrofitting to earlier Classics and earlier Gaggia domestic machines that use the original aluminium dispersion plate and also have a solenoid valve, such as:

  • Gaggia Classic (other than RI9403)
  • Gaggia Baby
  • Gaggia New Baby
  • Gaggia New Baby 06 Class
  • Gaggia Baby Twin

This dispersion plate is NOT suitable for any machine that has a brew valve mounted in the centre of the dispersion plate or boiler.

Our brass and stainless steel dispersion plates are of an identical design - and differ only in the material that they are made from.  Both are a significant upgrade from the original aluminium dispersion plate.

Stainless steel - has a higher specific heat capacity than aluminium, but a lower specific heat capacity than brass - but will both absorb and release this heat energy more slowly than brass.  It can therefore help in stabilising boiler temperatures in all machines that currently have an aluminium dispersion plate, but in our view is better suited to use within machines that have fluctuating boiler temperatures (ie non PID machines) as the stainless steel will help to dampen the temperature swing.

The stainless steel dispersion plate weighs approximately 232g.

Brass - has a higher specific heat capacity than either aluminium or stainless steel, and will absorb and release the heat more quickly than stainless steel.  It can therefore be very helpful in maintaining brew water temperature in machines with stable boiler temperatures (ie PID controlled machines) as the brass will be held at your prescribed temperature and will release this heat to the brew water more quickly during extraction.

The brass dispersion plate weighs approximately 246g.

Both stainless and brass dispersion plates will perform very similarly, and the material thermal properties outlined above will offer only a slight difference in performance.

NOTE: Many aftermarket and 3rd party brass and stainless dispersion plates are NOT identical to the Classic Pro stainless dispersion plate - and have either more holes, or (usually) much smaller holes - which can cause water dispersion, channelling and other extraction issues.

To the best of our knowledge, only Shades of Coffee offer the brass version of this Classic Pro stainless steel dispersion plate.

Dear god, this is the real deal! No water leaks no nothing! Water distribution is great! unlike other aftermarket ones! Get it, it's much better than the aluminum one, retains heat and works as well as the original!


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