New - Gaggia Classic Pro/2019/Evo 2023 PID kit - 1/32DIN single display

New Gaggia Classic PID kit

New - Gaggia Classic Pro/2019/Evo 2023 PID kit - 1/32DIN single display

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Stock situation:
  Silver case : Plenty of them
  Black case : Plenty of them
  TopBox with logo : Still in double figures
  TopBox with gauge hole : Plenty of them
  No case : Plenty of them


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Our PID kits now support the Classic Evo Pro and Classic Evo 2023 - see Variant info below.

TopBox PID kits:  If you order a TopBox mount (either style) along with our Brew Pressure Gauge within the same order, WHEN TOPBOX STOCK ALLOWS we will ENDEAVOUR to ship a "TopBox (with gauge hole)" regardless of which style TopBox you order.  Please contact us via chat if you don't wish for this to happen.

PID mod kit, including brew and steam control, with all parts and instructions required to install within your Gaggia Classic Pro/2019 /Evo 2023 machine.

This kit is suitable for the new style Gaggia Classic espresso machines made between 2018 and 2023.  If you examine the label on the bottom of your machine you should find one of the following model codes:

  • RI9380/?? - 120V, US "Gaggia Classic Pro" (eg RI9380/46 and other RI9380/?? machines)
  • RI9480/?? - 230V, EU "Gaggia Classic 2018/2019" (eg RI9480/11 and other RI9480/?? machines)
  • RI9380/?? - 120V US "Gaggia Classic Evo Pro" from 2023 onwards
  • RI9481/?? - 230V, EU "Gaggia Classic Evo 2023" from 2023 onwards 

The manufacture date of these machines is typically during 2018 or later - this date is often also shown on the serial label on the base of the machine in [week no.]/[Year] format (such as 33/2019 - for week 33 of 2019).  

If you have any of the models shown below (typically manufactured prior to 2018), then you need to select the alternative kit for the original Gaggia Classic

  • RI8161/??
  • RI9303/??
  • TYPE: SIN035 (Classic)  - but check with us if you don't see an RI number or date also, as the SIN035 can apply to almost all Classics.

VARIANTS:   RI9380 / RI9481 - Classic Evo 2023 :  If you have a Classic Pro Evo or Classic Evo 2023 then please ensure you check whether or not you have individual connectors to each front switch (ie 4 individual white connectors with their own wires), OR you have the new style monobloc connector per switch (one larger white connector with 4 wires going into it).  If you have an early Evo 2023 model and it has 4 individual white connectors to each front switch, then please select the Classic 2019 version. See here for more information and images of the different connector types.  If in doubt please contact us via chat. If no variant is chosen then we will assume Classic 2019 - so please ensure that if you have a Classic Evo 2023 with monobloc connectors you select the Classic Evo 2023 variant.

If in any doubt concerning the variant then be sure to select “Monobloc switch connectors” to receive the additional parts required. If you don’t have Monobloc connectors then you simply won’t use them.

We provide a 12 month warranty on all parts within the PID kits, provided that one of our aluminium or TopBox enclosures is used.  Use of a 3rd party enclosure will invalidate our warranty.


RI9403 - Classic 2015 / Classic V2:  Unfortunately none of our PID kits are suitable for the EU Gaggia Classic 2015-2018 model (with stainless steel boiler, and NO solenoid valve / vent tube and the eco timer that automatically powers the machine off after use) - model number RI9403/18 or RI9403/11

If you have ANY doubts as to whether your machine is suitable or which kit to purchase, please email a photo of your serial/model label and a photo of the inside of the machine (lid off) to us for confirmation.


This PID kit controls BOTH brew temperature and also steam temperature (and hence pressure).  The brew temperature is tightly controlled by the PID algorithm, and the steam temperature is controlled in a more basic fashion which is similar to that of the standard thermostat - though as the steam temperature can be adjusted, this will also adjust the steam pressure.

PREINFUSION is NOT a function of this PID kit.  In our experience, the best way to add variable pressure preinfusion to a Gaggia Classic is through the use of a pump dimmer mod (ideally with a brew pressure gauge).  We are aware that other kits include options for preinfusion - though we do not provide similar functionality, as this can easily be replicated by simply turning the brew switch on for 5s, and then off again for a few seconds, and then on again for your main extraction (obviously you can adjust the 5s and pause time periods to vary the preinfusion as much as you wish).

How Difficult is it to fit, how long will it take and what tools do I need?

We are frequently asked "How complicated is the installation?" - and the only real answer is that if you are competent with basic workshop tools, and can follow written instructions and photographs then you should be able to install it.  Installation usually takes most people around 2-3hrs and requires only basic tools such as:

  • A medium flat-bladed screwdriver
  • A medium cross-head screwdriver
  • A 17mm spanner/wrench or adjustable spanner/wrench (or alternatively needle-nosed pliers)
  • A 4mm Allen Key / Hex tool
  • Some scissors or wire cutters
  • Some rubbing alcohol or multi-surface cleaner, and a cloth

For the avoidance of doubt - no soldering is required, no cutting of the case, no cutting of wires - and the entire kit can be deinstalled and the machine reverted back to standard (with no sign of the kit being fitted) should you ever want or need to.

I've installed a PID and measured my brew temperature but it seems low...

This kit contains:

Our PID kits contain everything you need, except for the few basic tools that are shown as being required on the "Description" tab:

Main components:

  • A Shades of Coffee branded 1/32DIN (single display) PID controller (that can be configured by the end-user for C or F)
  • A Shades of Coffee custom made Pt100 sensor (three wire, class A sensor, with 75cm lead wires)

One of the following optional PID mounting components:

  • A black Shades of Coffee 1/32DIN aluminium enclosure with all relevant cut-outs, wiring grommet, and super sticky double-sided mounting tape
  • A silver Shades of Coffee 1/32DIN aluminium enclosure with all relevant cut-outs, wiring grommet, and super sticky double-sided mounting tape
  • A black Shades of Coffee TopBox PID mounting system with logo (gauge hole can be exposed) - as shown in detail here
  • A black Shades of Coffee TopBox PID mounting system with exposed gauge hole - as shown in detail here
  • No mounting case

Brew components:

  • All wires, premade to required but generous lengths and preterminated with connectors
  • 40A Brew SSR with mounting screws

Steam components:

  • All wires, premade to required but generous lengths and preterminated with connectors
  • 40A Steam SSR with mounting screws


Ancillary components:

  • Cable ties
  • Thermal paste (for SSRs and Pt100 if desired)
  • Earthing wire for enclosure (f relevant*)
  • Spiral wire wrap (if relevant*)
  • Cable grommet for Classic case (if relevant*)
  • Test resistor for possible diagnostic use
  • Spare fuse

* the TopBox doesn't require an earth wire or cable grommets

A very detailed 70+ page installation and user guide to installing, setting up and using the PID controller on your Gaggia Classic.  This guide includes many detailed photographs, gotchas, and trouble-shooting tips.  It is constantly updated to provide answers to common installation and use questions.

You can see a few sample pages of the (original Classic) manual here.

NOTE that once you have bought this kit and checked out, the installation and use manual will be sent to you as a PDF digital download - so you can start reading.

DISCLAIMER:  The installation of any of our parts or kits, and any modification of any espresso machines undertaken by reference to our installation and/or user guides, should only be conducted by persons with proper electrical safety knowledge who are capable and qualified to undertake such work and modifications.  Many of the components within espresso machines operate at high temperature, high pressure and with mains electrical voltages at high current in the presence of water – any of these could cause serious personal injury, shock, burns, fire, explosion, other property damage and possibly death.  We shall hence not be liable for any damage to property, personal injury or other loss caused by the improper or incorrect use of the aforementioned installation and/or user guides or the provided kit(s) or any of those kit’s component or constituent parts.  By commencing installation of our kit(s) you agree to accept all liability associated with the modification of your espresso machine, and agree to hold us in no way responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever, wherever or whenever caused.  You further agree to indemnify us and our agents, officers, directors and employees, immediately and on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any installation, use, misuse or failure of any of our kits or component parts thereof.

I'm a new owner of the Gaggia Classic Pro Evo, so I decided to get this PID kit because I'd heard of SOC from various coffee youtubers, and I'd heard the stock temperature control is...well...not controlled. The installation instructions were incredibly clear and easy to follow, and to be honest any trouble I ran into during the whole operation was because of my big hands and the Gaggia's small internals. Once I had it all wired in, I pulled my first shot ever with the Gaggia, and the temp control kept it steady right around 95 C, right where I set it to be. Top rate kit. I only wonder how long it'll be before I can't help but want the pressure gauge to go with.


I am blown away by just how great my espresso is now after having installed this PID to my Gaggia Classic Pro. I am without a doubt producing the best tasting shots - the flavors are much more pronounced and the consistency of the temperature on both the brew and steam is next level. I had no problems installing this mod thanks to the detailed instructions and user-friendly components that come with the build. A big thanks goes out to Ade for helping me throughout this process. I had a couple of questions that popped up during the installation and the customer service that was provided in return was outstanding and deserves an award. Not only did I receive a response right away but I was given detailed answers to my questions that were both helpful and informational. It’s clear that the team at SoC are truly passionate about creating solutions to better tasting coffee and it shows through their products and support.


Well.. I'm almost speechless :) Ordered on Sunday, delivered to Slovakia on Friday including customs clearance.. This was the first time when I touched any cables and in the end everything works perfectly.. The complete installation took me longer, maybe 6-7 hours together with Brew pressure kit.. mainly due to some problems with disconnecting the existing cables.. but still.. thank you so much for these products and such a perfect guide.. good luck guys..


I bought the set on the recommendation of a friend. Together we installed it and everything worked well. The operation is really great and the gaggia becomes a professional machine. Previously, I had asked customer service which set I needed. Here I was answered professionally within 24 hours. As a tip, I could add that despite the seat in the UK, a user manual in several languages would be a great help that there is no misunderstanding here. I'm a big fan of Shades of coffee!


A very good kit which works as intended. Easler to brew consistently now.


This review is not so much about the product or the business. There are enough people that seem to buy, install and claim that it is working fine for them. Yet, nobody really can tell anything about the espressos or lattes they make. Nothing. The whole idea is brilliant to get people’s heads into becoming freaking electrical technicians and spend $200 bucks for the $500 machine. Plebs are doing what plebs do. I am one of them, as I bought this crap too. In any case, just enjoy your espressos, as I will too, but I am going up a bit with rocket or bezzera machine for 2.5K to enjoy a next level experience. [SoC reply] Thanks for your review Walt... and I'm sure you'll enjoy using a new machine; but (having been there many times over) please don't expect the espresso from a much more expensive machine to be "next level" compared to a modified Classic.... because it won't be. The workflow may be easier, the steaming more powerful, and the machine more feature-rich and shiny - but you'll probably go into a new machine expecting the espresso to be a huge step above the espresso that a modified Classic can produce, but it usually won't be - it'll be very very similar.

Walt T

Worth it this pid is awesome it solved evry issue i had before. the intallation is fairly easy but be careful with the original temperature sensor mine was way overtightened and broke while unscrewing it


This awesome mod makes the gaggia a breeze to operate. I spent nearly 3 hours installing it casually while hanging out with my pets. The grounding wire for the main power source on my machine would rather break than come out so i simply left it in and was still able to move the parts i needed to, maybe that'll be a helpful tip for the next person. I thought the install in whole was very intuitive and the guide was amazing in describing the steps and what to look out for.


Fast international shipping to the US, 3 business days! The Shadesofcoffee customer support is absolutely fantastic. I was able to install it easily with the included instruction manual in ~3 hours. I am absolutely loving using the PID. The first shot I pulled with it was by far the best I've ever made out of my Gaggia. If you're on the fence about this upgrade, just do it. You won't regret it.


This PID not only controls the brew temperature, but also the steam temperature. The instalation and configuration steps are easy to follow, you only need some tools and some help while installing the temperature sensor. This takes the expresso and milk quality to the next level.


I feel I'm following a path many have traveled. I hope so, as the process of adding this PID to my GCP has resulted in excellent results. The experience of selecting and ordering was simple and efficient. Shipping/delivery was very fast. The components are first-rate. The instructions are clear, detailed, and should be followed scrupulously; several times during install I was about to make a mistake and the instructions had a note or graphic that got me back on track. Read the instructions several times before you start!! The espresso and steam I'm now getting are far superior to what I had before this upgrade. A worthy use of your time and money to get the most out of your GCP.

John Cheffy

I honestly was hesitant and nervous to install a PID with little knowledge but if you read through the instructions before actually starting it’s actually quite simple if you take it step by step. The only issue I had was fitting my hands down the side of the boiler so I had to take an extra few steps to remove the boiler to access it but thats just down to the size of my hands. However, I’m really happy with the result and quality. Works perfectly.


I’m so happy I could cry. I’ve made over 1,200 shots with my GCP and for the first time this morning I was confident about the temps. What brought me more joy was “The One” paired with the superior steam temp/pressure that this PID provides. Everyday I’ve been disappointed with some aspect of my steamed milk. Today was perfection. Thank you Shades of Coffee!!! [SoC] Many thanks Sean - our job here is done :-)

Sean P

Great experience. Took about 5 hours to install, but it was a leisurely pace with many distractions (thanks, kids). I also read the manual several times before starting, read several online reviews (via Reddit, Home-Barista, etc.), and watched a few videos on YouTube, so I felt pretty prepared for the journey. With that in mind, it was a very straightforward process. I had a small issue afterward, but it was resolved quickly with Adrian (I was using a magnet to mount the pid , and I think it was throwing off the unit; once it was removed, everything worked flawlessly). Really can't complain about anything. Thanks again, Adrian!


I have bought and installed this mod 7 months ago. I am really satisfied with it. I think that this mod is really a must for Gaggia classic Pro owners that are into home espresso. Together with the OPV mod, it was a game changer for me. Having control over the temperature of the boiler definitely improves consistency between shots. The kit that is offered by shades of coffee is great, I love it. It comes with a manual with pictures and clear explanation of each single step. As long as you follow it, it is hard to screw up; also for a person with no experience like me. On top of having such a great product, the after sales support is outstanding. One of the electrical components of the kit failed after 4 months. I asked Mr Shades to help me with it and he replied me within minutes, he shipped me a replacement for this part (for free) and he gave me a quick fix solution so that I could make coffee while waiting for the replacement to arrive. This really shows how much passion there is behind this shop. Definitely recommend. Happy Brewing fellow GCP owners :)


Ordered, arrived in 3 days! Had it installed a few hours later, before I even got the email saying it was shipped. Install was very straightforward, manual is verbose, and sometimes tricky to follow, but very comprehensive. Just take it slowly and read it all as you go... Really, the only tricky bit is getting the new thermostat in (steam wand removal tip would have helped earlier in the manual). All worked great, first time good, the first shot I pulled was terrific! Really, really happy i took the plunge.


This PID kit is outstanding!!!!! After being recommended by the The Majestic Been Channel on YouTube I knew I had to give it a whirl. Let me tell you, this unit has literally transformed my Gaggia Classic Pro. No more temperature surfing and making silky milk is a breeze. The steam is steady and doesn't run out at all. AND, the owner, Adrian is a real gentleman. You are in great hands with him on both installation and operation if you have follow up questions.

Jason B

I have zero electronics experience but sat down with a 1 day old(!) machine and the Shades of Coffee power switch bypass, OPV kit and the PID kit and completed the installation of all three in an evening (OK, quite a long evening, but even so!). The instructions are crystal clear and the couple of minor clarifications I emailed about were answered comprehensively and (*very*) promptly. It’s early days in my barista ‘career’(!) but I can see that, with the recommended auto-tune of the PID, it’s giving me a very stable reading and the steamer has a nice oomph now (something that I have seen criticised with the factory model in another review). I would have had to pay a bundle to get a factory-spec machine with professional temp & pressure stability so, if you are game for a little project and you set aside the time to approach the installation methodically, then you will end up a great set-up whilst also learning what’s going on under the covers of your Classic. RECOMMENDED :)

Des Adkinson

Adding the PID made a huge difference to the taste of my espresso! I was always either getting really sour or bitter espresso before, but using the PID the espresso always tastes amazing. I don't consider myself a hands-on person, but the manual was very detailed and by carefully reading it through, I was able to install it properly. Even when I did run into an issue at one point, just by going to the "common mistakes and questions" section I found the answers i needed. I did have a missing part originally when the kit was shipped to me, but Mr. Shades responded to my email pretty much immediately and shipped the part right away. Issues like these can happen from time to time in any business, but it's how Mr. Shades goes above and beyond to rectify those issues is why I think you can trust him when you make a purchase.


I am so happy that I not only purchased a PID kit, but that I purchased it right here from Shades Of Coffee. When I encountered a bump in the road (entirely of my own making) during installation, Adrian was right there with the right advice and the right words to get me on the right track. Very highly recommended, both for the quality of the parts and for the great thought and care put into assembling the kit for us and creating the instructions. Money easily well spent.

Bob Whitmore

I bought this kit because I didn't get constant results out of my old Gaggia Classic. I found MrShades kit on a German forum and the positive reviews on both the PID kit but also the outstanding support from MrShades. I received the kit a few days ago and downloaded the really well written manual for it. Being a total idiot on all things electric, I managed to do something wrong and panicked and try to reach MrShades. He was kind enough to help me right away and my problem was solved. My Gaggia never made better espresso and I am really happy I bought this kit. 100% recommended for all Gaggia Classic users!


Very happy with OPV and PID mod kits I just finished installing on my GCP. Already notice a difference in shot smoothness and consistency and better steam production. I agree with other comments - just take your time. Took me about 3 hours to get it all done and complete. Trickiest part is removal of old brew thermostat and replacing with new therm. Cable routing thru the rear grommet also becomes tight as you add more cables, but just take your time. I hid the PID round the back of the machine too, as I didn’t like the aesthetics of having it on the side. Now it’s in stealth mode. Set it and forget it and enjoy the better performance from your efforts!


The kit is excellent! The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Service is brilliant, PID was shipped shortly after I put an order... But for the future users just a few advices/warnings! Although the instructions could not be clearer, installing the kit might be more difficult than you expect. So be patient and give yourself enough time. The first challenge is to take a brew thermostat out of a boiler. The two connectors were so tightly connected that I manage to break plastic insulation on one of them with pliers. I would say it is good quality build from Gaggia! As there is almost no space, and if you have hands 'of a standard size', unscrewing a thermostat is a nightmare. With fixing a thermo probe a nightmare continued. It took me more then one hour just to replace a thermostat with a probe. I was on the edge to dismantle a steaming wand, even to take the boiler out. So, be aware of that. Insulation that broke I fixed with thermo insulator - the one that shrinks when you heat it with hot air (or VERY CAREFULLY with a cigarette lighter). In the case you use it, carefully read the insulator specs (especially the temperature range). The second issue was with a rubber grommet. There are two in the kit - one for the aluminium box and one for the Gaggia. The grommet meant to be used on Gaggia is simply to small and you can not squeeze all the wires through it. The edges on the went holes are VERY SHARP and it is very easy to damage insulation on wires! So, try to find a solution for protecting the wires. I used a small part of PVC tubing from spare parts for my aquarium. If you damage the insulation on any of wires, IMHO the best solution is to ask Adrian for replacement. You can fix it yourself (use thermo insulator, make yourself a new wire if you have tools and materials to terminate it), but if you do not know what you are doing or how to do it - DO NOT DO IT!!! Heat, water, pressure and electricity is a way to serious disaster! So be extra careful! Summary: PID works great, as explained in the instructions. Preset temperature is a rock solid that makes shots more consistent. Installing might be more complicated than expected! [SoC comment] We're going to review the need for an additional grommet in kits - as we firmly believe that it's not difficult to get them in one grommet, though we may decide that two could help (arranging the wires in horizontal pairs helps). Also - for help with tight Gaggia connectors, on new machines they can be tight, so see this video that we made that shows the best way to remove any of them:

Zoran Vlah

The PID is a great improvement for my machine, and it works perfectly. I'm really impressed with the amount of detail in the instructions, everything is very clearly explained and organized, even for a complete amateur like me it's really hard to have any installing issues if you follow it step by step. Every component and cable is prepared and ready to plug in. I really enjoyed the process, and learned a few technical things about how the machine works. Awesome project, cheers!


Why should you buy this PID kit over competitors'? Because not only is the price very reasonable (even with international shipping), but Mr. Shades' instructions guide you all the way through the process, including covering typical issues (which fixed my installation). There's no way I would be able to figure out how to PID my machine on my own, but Mr. Shades made it easy. You're paying for the detailed guide and for Mr. Shades' excellent customer service that can be vouched for on many espresso forums. It also feels better to buy from someone who just wanted to bring better espresso to the world than from a big business that's primarily concerned with the bottom line. Though I had no issues with the installation that weren't covered by the guide, I did contact Mr. Shades when my order hadn't shipped in a few business days. Even though he had a banner on the website that clearly indicated he was on vacation (which I neglected to read), he still responded to my message within an hour and told me that he would ship the kit once he was back from vacation. He is clearly dedicated. And the shipping took only a few days from GB to the West coast US. Why should you buy a PID kit at all? Well, if you are a "good enough" kind of person or if you really enjoy and/or are really good at temperature surfing, then you probably don't need one. But, if you're like me, and I'm guessing you are if you're reading this review, temperature surfing wasn't cutting it and I needed to up my consistency and get my espresso to that next level. This PID kit can take you there. As a bonus, it also makes it easy to get good steam. Overall, this is an absolutely worthwhile upgrade, particularly if you're brewing light roasts, which require a higher temperature and can be harder to temperature surf for. It makes a very noticeable difference. Happy brewing!


I couldn't possibly recommend this PID more. The package arrived at my doorstep in the U.S. three days after I placed the order. The items were packed with care and the instructions were detailed and easy to understand. Install took awhile as I went slowly and carefully. Anytime I had a question, Mr. Shades emailed back almost immediately with further information. If you're on the fence about getting a PID, don't be. If a novice like myself can do it, so can you.

David in Detroit

The kit is great quality! The parts and clear instructions have been very well thought through. I had a good read one night before the kit arrived so when it came to the install, I had a rough idea what was in store. I was a little apprehensive, but everything went smoothly and it was reassuring to know that if I did encounter any problems, support was only a few clicks away. I'm not going to miss temperature surfing that's for sure!


Excelent ! An awesome support to help me to install the pid. I reccomend the shades of coffee PID. 100% SUPER !!!


100% recommend this PID kit. With it, you remove a lot of the guess work of finding the correct temperature to pull excellent shots. I believe you can't go back once you experienced it, installing this to your Gaggia classic is a must. Manual was easy to follow even for novice like me. I installed this PID at the same time as changing the steaming wand too.


I'm not going to detail the advantages of this kit as I believe it is obvious. As a coffee machine engineer specialized in Gaggia Classics, I have installed numerous of these kits . The only thing I can say is, there is nothing better than this kit. MrShade is continuously keeping a very high standard of this very well designed and constructed product. The excessive instruction guide allows literally anyone to install it, including but not limited to my 13 years old cousin. Always dispatched rapidly, never missed any parts. As a forum member (CoffeeForumsUK) I also know he is always available for troubleshooting on a short notice, in case of installation issues. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


This PID has transformed my Gaggia Classic. The steam is on another level! Easy to fit if you’ve got basic hand skills. The instructions are faultless and very well laid out. Overall this kit is well worth it. It’s given me another few years of use for the GC before the inevitable upgrade. If you have a GC this kit is a must!


The addition of this PID has given me the best espresso yet out of my GCP! Repeatability is huge to me so this is making all the difference. I also wanted to consistently brew at slightly higher temps since I'm using a lighter roast from a local roaster. This kit gives me the ability to tweak the temp and better control the Classic's small boiler. It has made a big difference! Getting it setup took some time, but the manual was well written and easy to follow. I definitely recommend reading the manual before your PID kit even arrives, especially if you're not experienced with setting up things like this. And if you have issues with wire colors or setup differing from the manual (some US vs European things are slightly differ), simply reach out to Mr. Shades and you'll get a super quick and helpful response! I would highly recommend this. You'll get you Classic producing coffee on par with much more expensive machines and improve repeatability and control. You will also improve steam power, which is a fantastic added benefit.


I finally decided to purchase this PID and I am so happy I did. The manual is really easy to follow. I have limited experience around wiring etc. However do not let this put you off. It really is straight forward and easy to follow. It is well worth the money in my opinion and I’m sure my coffee will see the benefit!


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from Felipe Gallardo

Your question:

Hi! Is a shot timer included in this PID? Ty for your time.
Our answer:
Thanks for your question - No, the PID is a brew and steam temperature controller and doesn't include any shot-timer or preinfusion timer functionality.

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from Dat Tran

Your question:

Hi there, I've heard that after installing PID, machine takes longer time from turning on to ready to brew. May I ask how long does it take to reach desired temperature with PID? Thank you.
Our answer:
Thanks for your question.  All Classics have a light on the brew switch that is known as the "brew ready" light.  This is really a misnomer, as it's actually a light that simply shows when power ISN'T being applied to the heating elements.  On a standard (thermostat controlled) Classic, this light will come on once the boiler temperature exceeds 107c - which can be 1-2 minutes from turn on.  However, you'd be foolish to actually start using the machine then - as the rest of the machine will still be cold, so any brew water that is coming out of the boiler will still be too cool - and it'll then flow through lots of cold metal, cooling it further still.So, even with a standard Classic you should ignore this "brew ready" light and leave it for around 10-15 minutes to properly warm up - and get not just the boiler and water hot, but the metal valves and shower screen and dispersion plate, and (you should also have it locked in whilst the machine is heating up) the portafilter and basket too.A Classic with a PID is really no different.You should still leave a PID'd Classic for around 10-15 minutes to properly warm up, and again heat up all of the metal components around the boiler and the group / portafiter.  Within this time period you will find that the boiler temperature (shown on the PID) stabilises and rests to within 0.1c/f of your desired brew temperature.In summary, you may think that a standard Classic is ready to use sooner (because of the "brew ready" light turning on) - but in reality both standard and PID'd Classics should be turned on and then left for 10-15 minutes to properly warm up, with the portafilter locked in to the group.  Ignore the "brew ready" light!

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from Barry

Your question:

Is it possible to place the PID case on the back of the machine with the display facing upwards?
Our answer:
Thanks for your question. The cables are quite generous - so you can mount it on the left, on the right, or indeed on the back facing upwards (stealth mounting!).

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from Sam Brinsden

Your question:

Does this replace the original thermostat? I've currently got a faulty thermostat and instead of replacing it again I thought I might as welll just jump to using this PID kit. Thanks, Sam
Our answer:
Yes indeed - with the PID you don't need any of the thermostats. The pt100 sensor replaces the brew thermostat, and renders the steam thermostat redundant.Hence if you have thermostat issues then you can just replace them both with the PID kit. No thermostats (working or otherwise) required.

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from Francesco

Your question:

Hello is it possible, to place the PID directly in to the case, or is the temperature inside the machine to much?
Our answer:
Whilst it may be possible, it certainly wouldn't be advisable due to the high ambient temperature inside the standard case - and the lack of space to mount it anywhere where it may benefit from some cooling. We're working on a possible solution to this, which may be available in the coming months.

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from Dmitri

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Hi there, looking to buy your pid kit for a Gaggia Classic Pro. Can you clarify how the pid works for controlling steam temperature? In the description it says the brew temp is fully controlled by the PID but steam temp is more basic using just a thermostat. What does that mean in practice? Can I set specific steam temp and the pid maintains it within a small range or does it fluctuate as much as the regular tstat in the Gaggia when using the steam button (so +/- 30F or so)? Appreciate your help before I pull the trigger!
Our answer:
Thanks for your question - the steam temperature doesnt need to be controlled as tightly as the brew temperature (within a degree or so), so it uses a PID feature that turns the elements on/off at a set temperature (in the same way that a thermostat does, or should - though in reality they are often a little lazy turning on and off). With the PID controlling steam you can adjust this steam temperature, and increase it (within reason) to give even more steam power - though most people find that even using the same steam temperature as a regular machine, the steam power provided by the better control that the electronic temperature sensor provides gives much better steam pressure. If steam power is one of your issues, then having the PID will definitely resolve it.

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from Costi

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Hello, the Topbox variant contains the Topbox or it should be purchased separately? Thank you!
Our answer:
The TopBox variant includes the TopBox, yes - there is no need to buy one separately 

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from Albert

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Was wondering if it is required to also install OPV kit with this PID kit as well. Or can I just install the PID kit only? Thanks!
Our answer:
Thanks for your question - you can install the PID either with or without the OPV kit, as they do different things. The PID kit regulates temperature; whereas the OPV helps with controlling pressure. That said, many PID customers order both together - as the OPV kit is relatively cheap and simple to install, but also effective.

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