Buy a Shades of Coffee gift voucher

Buy a Shades of Coffee gift voucher

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You can buy a gift voucher code here - we'll email you the code and you can send it on to the recipient or even just use it yourself.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All of our gift voucher values are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) - as are all products and services on this website. Your gift voucher value can be entered above in alternative currencies, though the currency conversion to a GBP gift voucher will occur at the time of purchase of the voucher at the prevailing currency exchange rate used by this website at that time.
Your gift voucher email will state the Pound Sterling (GBP) value of your voucher.

Redemption of the voucher always occurs in GBP - hence gift vouchers are protected from currency exchange rate fluctuations.
Gift voucher codes can be redeemed fully or partially and have no expiration date.

eg. If a product on here is shown as costing $19.50 USD (actual cost is really £15.00 GBP) and you purchase a voucher in USD to cover the cost of it for $20 USD then this will be held internally as a voucher valued at £15.60 GBP. When the voucher is redeemed, currency exchange rates may have changed and the product may now show as $21.20 (though actual cost remains £15.00 GBP) BUT as your voucher has a fixed £15.60 value the product can still be purchased - even though the USD value at the time is shown as greater than $20.

Please reach out to us via chat if you need clarification concerning any aspect of our gift voucher purchase and use.