IMS Gaggia 200µm precision shower screen - standard (GA200IM) or nanotech (GA200NT)

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IMS Gaggia 200µm precision shower screen - standard (GA200IM) or nanotech (GA200NT)

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  Standard (GA200IM) : Still in double figures
  Nanotech (GA200NT) : Plenty of them


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IMS Gaggia Precision Shower Screen - 55mm


  • middle hole 5 mm
  • 98 holes ø 3 mm
  • ASIS 316 stainless steel - food-safe certified
  • Integral membrane 200 µm

  • Standard version (GA-200IM) or Nanotech coating (GA-200NT)

The nanotech version has a special non-stick NANOQUARTZ coating which increases the resistance to corrosion and to chemical reaction.   We advise you to only use water when cleaning Nanotech coated products - using Cafiza, Puly Caff or similar detergent cleaners can affect the coating.

Suitable for Gaggia Classic machines.

Made in Italy.


Due to the design and way that these screens are manufactured, it is perfectly normal to receive them slightly warped and with the centre hole appearing to be at a slight angle, and with two small pairs of notches within the outer edge of the screen. This is all perfectly normal, and every IMS screen is like this to some degree.  When the screens are mounted and in use these factors don't affect usage at all.

IMS precision screens should be mounted with medium securing force from the shower screen mounting screw.  It shouldn't be loose but it shouldn't either be fully tight. If you can just turn the screen with a finger or two pressed on it, then it is probably correctly mounted.  It shouldn't be immovable and it shouldn't spin freely.

Some customers query the flow characteristics of the IMS precision screens - as many customers don't see the "rain effect" that they are often misguidedly seeking.  A standard Classic shower screen has many very small holes, which create a degree of flow resistance and allow pressure to build behind the screen - forcing water from any and every available hole when water flow is viewed in free-air.  This isn't a particularly good thing - as a good, clean standard shower screen will often flow more easily - resulting in 2,3 or 4 more stream-like flows of water towards the centre of the screen and some drops from other holes elsewhere.  As water will always take the easiest path vertically down, this shows good flow and little resistance from the screen.  IMS precision screens tend to show this most if not all of the time, as the holes remain clear and the screen is easy to clean. Trying to perceive or view the flow characteristics of a shower screen when it's actually in use is almost impossible (as there is a basket, portafilter and coffee in the way) - and viewing the flow in free-air with none of these elements present will always give an erroneous view.  Within a few seconds of starting the shot (with basket, portafilter and coffee in place) the basket will flood, pressure will build, and any shower screen be completely surrounded by water - and at this point water will flow using any and every available hole, including gaps at the edge and anywhere else that it can find to flow from.  This is when the IMS screens show their free flowing capability with little resistance to flow - and the fact that IMS screens are simple and easy to clean, and maintain with all holes clear (unlike the standard screens, which are very difficult to keep completely clean) makes a big difference.

FREE:  To aid future maintenance, and as a free gift we include a spare shower-screen mounting screw with allen / hex head.  These are significantly easier to remove and maintain than the standard mounting with cross-head screws. (If, for any reason, we fail to add the free screw then please let us know and we'll add it to any future order you place).

Even water distribution, better extraction and the taste of the shot with the nanotech screenshower


Super happy with the nanotech shower screen I just received. Really helps with water distribution and makes the extraction more even, as well as helps with channeling. The delivery was via post, to Bulgaria, and it got to me in about two weeks. Thanks!

Angel Petrov

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from Simon Dalton

Your question:

Does it fit Classic Pro as well or just Classic?
Our answer:
The shower screens and baskets fit all Classics with aluminium boilers - so traditional Classic and Classic Pro, yes.

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