Slim drip tray complete with long vent tube for Gaggia Classic

Slim drip tray and vent tube

Slim drip tray complete with long vent tube for Gaggia Classic

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We've custom designed these slim or shallow drip trays, and are having them vacuum moulded in thick and durable black ABS plastic.

They are designed to accept the original black plastic undertray as well as the original stainless steel drip plate from your original Gaggia drip tray.

As they are shallower than the original, at 25mm high - which is around 30mm lower than the original drip-tray, we are also supplying a custom stainless steel vent tube (6mm OD, 0.5mm walls, just like the original - but better quality and with a quality stainless finish rather than chrome) that is longer (158mm) so that it reaches just above the drip tray perfectly.   This longer vent tube is also available on its own from us here.

Due to slight changes in the Classic Pro case design, we now have TWO versions of the Slim Drip Tray:

  • "Pre-2019" option:  Original Slim Drip Tray (this is the version that we have always sold, which sits around 1-2mm inside the case of a traditional Classic)
  • "2019 or later" option: Classic Pro Drip Tray (this is a new version, that is around 3mm shorter [front to back] so that it too sits around 1-2mm inside the case of a Classic Pro (the other version fits and works, it will simply be slightly too long and sit just outside of the case on a Classic Pro).  This version also now comes with two black adhesive locating dots that can optionally be used to prevent movement in the case (see page here for instructions and details on fitting these feet if desired).

These trays are no longer 3D printed - and are now being made for us by a UK plastics moulding company to our design and specification.

Unlike 3D printed drip trays, these drip trays are very durable - being manufactured from ABS with a textured finish on the top surfaces and a smooth finish on the underside.  Having tested these drip trays along with the standard Gaggia tray, and various 3D printed drip trays (including ones made from PLA, PLA+ and PETG) the difference in temperature resistance is significant - with these and the original Gaggia drip tray easily being able to take multiple trips through a domestic dishwasher = whereas the 3D printed parts suffered in a number of ways (including warping, flexing and delamination of the layers).

The approximate water capacity of a standard Classic drip tray is 550ml; our slim drip trays hold 225ml (41% of original capacity)

This product contains:

  • Slim drip tray, 25mm high (by 195mm wide and 130mm or 127mm deep) and vacuum moulded in black ABS plastic  (without plastic undertray and stainless steel grille)
  • Custom 6mm OD x 0.5mm walls (5mm ID) stainless steel vent tube, 158mm long

DISCLAIMER:  The installation of any of our parts or kits, and any modification of any espresso machines undertaken by reference to our installation and/or user guides, should only be conducted by persons with proper electrical safety knowledge who are capable and qualified to undertake such work and modifications.  Many of the components within espresso machines operate at high temperature, high pressure and with mains electrical voltages at high current in the presence of water – any of these could cause serious personal injury, shock, burns, fire, explosion, other property damage and possibly death.  We shall hence not be liable for any damage to property, personal injury or other loss caused by the improper or incorrect use of the aforementioned installation and/or user guides or the provided kit(s) or any of those kit’s component or constituent parts.  By commencing installation of our kit(s) you agree to accept all liability associated with the modification of your espresso machine, and agree to hold us in no way responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever, wherever or whenever caused.  You further agree to indemnify us and our agents, officers, directors and employees, immediately and on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any installation, use, misuse or failure of any of our kits or component parts thereof.

Fits perfectly and I can now fit my scales under the cup. Brilliant.

Simon Byrne

Love the tray! Fits great in my machine. The tube unfortunately is slight larger than the stock one and doesn’t seem to fit (barely goes in and falls out easily, seems like it doesn’t go past something that should hold it in). Maybe I’m missing a trick there… (SoC Feedback) - Thanks for the review Chris. The vent tube is the exact same size, but there's a rubber o-ring inside the vent port that can be tricky to push through. The trick is to "lubricate" (lick!) the end of the tube, and then push it in firmly whilst twisting the tube between thumb and first-finger at the same time... this helps the tube slide through the o-ring.

Chris E

It's perfect in shape, feel, and heft. Why isn't this an included accessory by Gaggia?


I have been using the low profile drip tray for about 18 months and it has been very good at its function. I noticed the rattle and vibration and tried making two blobs of super glue to have it sit in the empty slots of the gcp chassis. It was not that effective. I now have 4 magnets attached to the bottom of the tray with double sided foam tape and no more rattles or movement during my morning caffeine downloads. The added bonus is the stainless insert also is held hostage by magnetic science. Sliding the tray out is simple if you don't try to lift it. Cheers.

Greg Lloyd

For those strugling with the movement of the tray due to the lack of feet: I have been using 4 small silicone bumper pads in the bottom of the tray, and was partially happy with it. I swaped them for 4 small neodimiun magnets, sticked to the tray with hot glue, and now this tray is perfect. Strong enough to keep it in place, but not too strong allowing it to be removed. I highly recommend it! [SoC Comment] Thanks for the review and for the magnet suggestion - that's a great idea for anyone suffering from moving drip trays of any type!

Guilherme Wood

The additional clearance is exactly what's needed. Improves the configuration of the GCP. Works well with a scale too; glad I did not get the extended tray as I wouldn't have needed the longer lip. High quality materials and fit/finish.

John Cheffy

This tray is just *almost* perfect for the newer models. It hangs out the front just enough to keep it from looking like it came with the machine though - maybe 2-3mm. Basically the thickness of the plastic. Even after making sure your water reservoir is all the way back as far as it will go, it's just sooo close. You can kind of see it in gallery pic #9 if you look closely. I noticed some of the other pics show it fully recessed - I don't know if those are on older models or what, but it definitely doesn't fit that well in mine. It's still a good quality, well-made piece though. I may wind up trying to shave off or sand down the back edge enough to get it to fit. [SoC Feedfback] Many thanks for your review and feedback Kenneth. It's become apparent that Gaggia have made some very minor changes to the latest Classic recently, that can result (in some machines) in the slight overhang that you mention. Interestingly, in these machines if the standard drip tray is located within the circular location holes that they provide then this also extends from the front by a few mm - though the full height drip tray follows the profile of the front of the Classic so it's less noticeable. Anyway - currently we have one design of slim drip tray - which has been a good compromise fit for both the Original Classic (where the current tray sits inside the case by a mm or so) and the new Classic (where it is a good flush fit, or on occasion extends very slightly). We have seen one instance recently where our tray extended by around 3-4mm from the front of the machine - which is an extreme case, but not something that we're happy with. So, at great expense, we've decided to have an additional design of the slim drip tray produced that will be a few mm shorter (in front-back depth) than the existing one. This would be too short for the original Classic, but will fit inside or flush fit in the latest Classic case nicely. So, hopefully in April, we'll have the option of an "original" sized slim drip tray or a "2022 onwards" slightly shorter drip tray. We're removing this 3mm from the area between the sloping front and the grate. Please don't shave too much off the back of the tray, otherwise the vent hole may not align with the tube. Once these are available, we'll be glad to swap any for customers who want the slightly shorter version - purely for the cost of the shipping. My only other minor knock is that because there are no feet of any kind, it's meant for the bottom of the slick plastic to simply sit flat on the slick metal bottom of the unit. That obviously allows for maximum clearance keeping the tray as thin as possible, but it also means it slips and slides whenever you touch it. I wound up putting four of those little thin stick-on cabinet door bumpers on each corner of the bottom. They had the added benefit of cutting out the rattling too, but you do loose the height of the bumpers (about 1-2mm). Also for those wondering, you can slide the rubber grip piece off your old drain tube and slide it onto the new one. Its on there pretty tight, but it will slide off. All in all, I'm happy with the purchase and would recommend. You may just want to tweak it a bit.


Awesome addition. A must have, especially if you haven't gotten the bottomless portafilter and if you drink large milk drinks with big cups :D

Jovana Cubrilo

Overall, I'm glad I found this little gem. It works, and has the look and feel of OEM rather than some cheap knockoff modification, especially with inclusion of the longer pressure relief tube. Service to the US was seamlessly efficient. However, I have two complaints which drop the rating down. First, the original tray has two little nubs on the bottom which match up with cutouts on the metal frame base and stabilize its position. This tray lacks those stabilizers. They are important because the edges of this tray rise above the level of the stainless platform creating a catch point. Dragging a cup out from under the portafilter risks pulling the tray out with it and onto the counter because of the lack of resistance to its movement. Nagging deficiencies that need correction. Second, even for the affluent, this seems overpriced. I'd always award an extra $ solely for innovation filling a void, but not $$$ (especially for the imperfect). [SoC reply] Thanks for the review Laryenth, all feedback is greatly appreciated and we're very glad to hear that you're generally enjoying your drip tray. We know very well that our trays don't include the small notches in the bottom - and this is by design. Over the last few models of the Classic, Gaggia have changed the position of these notches slightly. In the Classic Pro they are in a different position (and they use a different drip tray) to the original Classic, for example. We wanted and needed one drip tray design that would work for any model of Classic - and if those notches are in the wrong place then they are much more of a hindrance than a help. Should you have issues with the tray moving when removing cups then we have found that the (often black, waffle design) non-slip thin rubber matting works very well for both the standard drip tray and ours, and prevents movement as well as preventing rattling. Concerning price - we wanted to make these available at a similar price to the standard Gaggia drip tray - and Gaggia injection mould these by the million (so they have very low unit production costs); we are having these made in much much lower volumes using vacuum formed plastic - and our unit costs are hence much greater - but we still manage to keep our selling price similar to Gaggia. Shipping globally can be a challenge, especially when shipping something that is relatively large but low weight. Our shipping prices are simply our shipping costs passed directly on, and we're always looking to find ways of making our shipping (especially to the US) both more economical and efficient. In a post Covid world where the price of everything has increased hugely (especially global shipping) we've maintained our product and shipping prices throughout - despite having higher costs ourselves.

Laryenth Lancaster

Exactly as I had hoped and now allows me to put a range of coffee cups under the portafilter. Everything fits perfectly with no rattle or anything looking uneven. The extended stainless tube also does what it should. Packaged well and dispatched promptly. Would heartily recommend.

Nick Smith

The drip tray that comes with GC as standard was doing my head in. This lower profile tray is fantastic and made a huge difference. Would highly recommend this.

Craig A

I honestly couldn't be more pleased, or impressed with this product and the service received. I asked to be notified when back in stock and ordered straight away when given the chance. It was delivered a few days later, nicely packaged and ready to go. The main thing, of course, is that it does what it's supposed to do; everything fits nicely with the machine and I can now get a mug under there. Quality is terrific, too, the grain from the printing only really shows up under the scrutiny of a camera lens, day to day this fits in perfectly. Well done; a really elegant solution, perfectly executed!!


Excellent piece of kit. Not everyone is an Expresso freak & thats the cup the OE tray is set up to support or at best a very shallow coffee cup . For the first time since 2002 I've put the stainless platform back in place & proudly placed my favourite mug in position for my afternoon livener. Many thanks, Mike

Mike McGarry

Really useful for using with standard big mugs. No more pulling out the drip tray and messy spillage - winner!

Margo Simpson

I originally downloaded a tray design from the internet for 3D printing locally. Unfortunately it leaked - maybe I selected the wrong construction - and it was also quite pricey. This one from Mr Shades is much cheaper and doesn't leak, plus the extended metal pipe is perfect. Would definitely recommend.


A great addition to the Gaggia Classic. Looks great and gives you lots of room for larger cups or with using scales. Service is top notch too.

Mike M

Tray fits a treat and looks fantastic, great for taller cups and glasses well worth the investment. Service and delivery was excellent.

Tim Cross

Perfect addition for taller cups and glasses - works really well and Mr Shades service as always is brilliant

Neil Cutts

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from Daryl

Your question:

Will the lip of the drip tray extend to make contact with the work surface? My current 3D printed drip tray is flush with the base, so there is a gap between the tray and the table which makes the tray a little unstable.
Our answer:
Thanks for your question - and, yes - concerning the extended one, the new one will drop down further at the front so that it is touching the countertop.We are conscious of this aspect of the design and function, and our previous 3D printed version had additional supporting feet under it to allow for it - whereas this new version will simply have a slightly deeper front.

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from NeilR

Your question:

What is the capacity of the skin drip tray compared to the original?
Our answer:
Thanks for your question - standard drip tray is around 400ml, ours is around half the height and hence around half the capacity at around 200ml.

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from Michael Keats

Your question:

Hi, Does this provide more clearance under the grouphead/portafilter for scales or other vessels?
Our answer:
Yes, that's exactly the idea.  If you're using a spouted portafilter then there is hardly any room for regular sized coffee cups between the standard drip tray and the spouts.  If you use a bottomless portafilter then you can increase this space slightly, and you can increase it further by using a slim drip tray like this.As it's much lower, we provide a new stainless steel vent tube that is perfectly sized to reach down to the hole in the slim drip tray.Obviously the downside of the slim drip tray is the water capacity, as you can't have something physically smaller without effecting the capacity of it - and hence increasing the frequency with which you have to empty it.

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