Universal portafilter mountable 0-16 bar pressure gauge - 3/8" thread`

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Universal portafilter mountable 0-16 bar pressure gauge - 3/8" thread`

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This pressure gauge is very useful for checking or adjusting brew pressure within any espresso machine that has a 3/8" screw thread on the bottom of the spouted portafilter (such as all Gaggia Classic machine portafilters with removal spouts).

The gauge is supplied unassembled (the two parts screw together) and with a reel of PTFE tape to ensure both proper sealing of the gauge to the adaptor, and also of the adaptor to the 3/8" screw thread on the bottom of the portafilter.

Assembly involves simply tightly winding a few turns of PTFE tape around the male screw threads on the gauge and the portafilter and then screwing the parts together.  Varying the amount of PTFE tape applied will allow you to adjust the final "screwed tight" position of the gauge, both to ensure it is vertically straight when looking at it, and also rotationally positioned in relation to the machine/handle so that you can read the gauge comfortably.  These positions are therefore entirely variable and adjustable, by varying the amount of PTFE tape used.

As the gauge is measuring the hot brew water, and it is frequently flooded with water, it is entirely possible that the gauge itself will have some condensation/water within it during or after use.  If this occurs, then the gauge will dry out naturally or can be placed on a radiator to remove this ready for next use.

USAGE:  When using this type of gauge to measure brew pressure, you should do so WITHOUT a basket within the portafilter.  Also, as the pressure being measured is static (ie not flowing) pressure at the group, you should deduct 1 bar of pressure from the reading in order to determine the actual dynamic (flowing) pressure at the group.  Hence if adjusting a Classic for a 9 bar brew pressure, you would want to adjust it so that the gauge reads 10 bar static pressure.

This product contains:

  • 0-16 bar pressure gauge
  • 3/8" elbow adaptor with rubber sealing washer
  • reel of PTFE tape

The original Gaggia portafilter needed a little persuading to get the bottom spout off, but once that was done, it was an easy job to install this pressure gauge. I used the supplied teflon tape and there were no leaks when used. This will be a great diagnostic tool for the Gaggia, and helped me confirm the 9 bar OPV replacement spring worked exactly as it was meant to. Recommended.


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