Upgrade PID aluminium case to TopBox PID Mounting System ## SEE ADE ##

Upgrade PID aluminium case to TopBox PID Mounting System ## SEE ADE ##

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We have spent considerable time, effort and money over the last 2+ years designing, developing and having this OEM standard commercially injection moulded Classic PID mounting system made. 

It is robustly constructed from 3mm thick polycarbonate-ABS, with a slightly textured matt black finish, to achieve as close to a "factory" appearance as possible.  For a variety of reasons, we've never wanted to 3D print these - as we have been eager to have something so prominently positioned on top of the machine designed and manufactured to OEM standards, and to incorporate some features, materials, finishes and other aspects that are simply not possible with 3D printing.

This mounting system is supplied as a bare plastic enclosure, but includes the necessary mounting hardware and ancillary items to allow the customer to relocate an existing 1/32DIN PID controller from an external housing into this mounting system. The height of the Classic is increased by 50mm and it does NOT include any elements of our PID kit, or any gauges or flow control dimmers. (If you don't have a PID, please see our PID kits - which are available with the TopBox mounting system as a low-cost option).

We include a filler funnel extension, to retain full use of the filler funnel, along with stainless steel service hooks for use when removing the top of the machine for maintenance.

Uniquely, the TopBox has a removable Shades of Coffee logo on the front of the machine to facilitate the fitment of a pressure gauge. The TopBox will be available with this pre-cut (if you wish to fit a gauge imminently), or with the logo intact for possible future mounting of a 40mm pressure gauge.   Due to the design of the front face of the box, the logo can be removed and the 40mm gauge mounting hole revealed in around two minutes by the customer with simple tools (a basic electric drill with circa 6mm drill bit, and needle nosed pliers work well).  As the box is solid plastic, if you wish to fit a slightly larger (41mm-43mm) gauge then the plastic hole can easily be filed away to make the hole slightly larger.

Also available to add to the TopBox are:

  • Brew pressure gauge to fit the 40mm front gauge hole (customer installable without cutting pipes or damaging the original machine)
  • Flow control dimmer (to vary pre-infusion and/or brew pressure) - ideally used in conjunction with the pressure gauge above.

The TopBox has been designed with these additional mods firmly in mind.

Basic installation requires some simple workshop tools (screwdrivers).

To learn how simple it is to reveal the TopBox gauge hole in the logo version - watch this video 

Note that whilst this mounting system has been developed for the Shades of Coffee PID controller, it should also be suitable for other similar 1/32DIN controllers.

IMPORTANT The Gaggia Classic machine, PID controller and any other associated parts / components that may be shown in some of the product images that show the TopBox installed are purely for context and are obviously NOT included within this product.

This product contains:

  • An empty and unpopulated PC-ABS TopBox PID mounting enclosure (as shown within the product images)

Ancillary components:

  • 1 x Closed cell foam insulation layer
  • 2 x Cable ties
  • 1 x Cable management clip
  • 1 x Strain relief strap for PID
  • 2 x Rear mounting screws
  • 2 x Front mounting screws
  • 2 x stainless steel service hooks
  • 1 x Filler funnel extension

NOTE that once you have bought this product and checked out, the installation manual will be sent to you as a PDF digital download - so you can start reading.

DISCLAIMER:  The installation of any of our parts or kits, and any modification of any espresso machines undertaken by reference to our installation and/or user guides, should only be conducted by persons with proper electrical safety knowledge who are capable and qualified to undertake such work and modifications.  Many of the components within espresso machines operate at high temperature, high pressure and with mains electrical voltages at high current in the presence of water – any of these could cause serious personal injury, shock, burns, fire, explosion, other property damage and possibly death.  We shall hence not be liable for any damage to property, personal injury or other loss caused by the improper or incorrect use of the aforementioned installation and/or user guides or the provided kit(s) or any of those kit’s component or constituent parts.  By commencing installation of our kit(s) you agree to accept all liability associated with the modification of your espresso machine, and agree to hold us in no way responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever, wherever or whenever caused.  You further agree to indemnify us and our agents, officers, directors and employees, immediately and on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any installation, use, misuse or failure of any of our kits or component parts thereof.

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