Bottomless Portafilter with walnut wooden handle (contoured) - for Gaggia Classic / Classic Pro

Bottomless Portafilter with walnut wooden handle (contoured) - for Gaggia Classic / Classic Pro

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This beautiful wooden handled naked / bottomless portafilter is suitable for any Gaggia Classic model.  It will also fit some other Gaggia models that use a similar portafilter group mount with 6.6mm ears/wings.


  • Width:  approx 78mm wide (ear to ear)
  • Length: approx 240mm
  • Handle diameter : approx 30mm
  • Handle material:  walnut
  • Portafilter material: polished chrome plated brass
  • Supplied with:  triple basket, approx 22g capacity (approx 28mm deep)
  • Portafilter spring: 1.2mm or 1.4mm based on availability

Note that this is a naked / bottomless portafilter - we also have regular spouted version of this portafilter with the same handle.

Triple basket supplied may differ slightly in appearance to the one pictured (based on basket availability at time of order fulfilment - though will always be a triple basket of approx 21-22g capacity and approx 28mm deep)

Portafilter and basket are made in Italy

Some other models that this portafilter will also fit include:  New Baby, Baby, Baby Class, Baby Twin, Baby Dosata,
Gaggia Coffee, Classic, Classic Pro, Classic 2019, Classic 2020, Evolution, Dose, Pure, Color, Paros, Tebe, Espresso (NOT Gaggia Espresso 2023), Topazio

As the wooden handles are a natural product, the graining and colour of the wood can differ slightly from that shown.  Hence it is possible to have variances in the wood graining and staining. Also whilst we try hard to protect the wood from any damage, as they are commercially manufactured wooden handles they may occasionally have small dents, scratches or dings in the handle - though this obviously doesn't impact performance and if any are noticeable then we can provide advice on adjusting the mounting and minimising the visibility of them.

NOTE: If you're ejecting your spent pucks directly into the waste (bin/can/garbage), then with any portafilter you may well find that the basket exits as well.  We would always advocate the use of a proper "knock box" to ensure that this doesn't happen - whereby the basket is pushed into the portafilter whilst the spent puck is ejected, and there is no risk of loosing the basket from the portafilter,

I'm going to purchase an 18g 58mm VST basket - what should be better for it, ridgeless or ridged basket? [SoC] ridgeless is usually preferred and a better fit


The metal side of the portafilter is a good quality and holds the heat really well. The wooden handle though is poorly finished, and is unvarnished on the inside edge where it connects to the metal part. I'm probably going to have to purchase some varnish to finish it off myself. [SoC feedback] Thanks for your review - but just to provide some guidance and feedback; this isn't poorly finished - it's deliberately finished like this due to the fact that this is the surface that mates to the metal portafilter surface, which gets very hot. Having a varnish or oil finish rather than a bare wood surface can cause problems due to the heat over time - so none of our wooden handles are finished with anything other than bare wood on this mating surface. Obviously if you wish to varnish this surface yourself then you can, but as it's not a normally visible surface we'd suggest leaving it as it is.


Overall quality feels nice, but I dont' understand, why the part that faces the filter is not really treated. I will treat it myself with some oil and a soft coat, because otherwise it will be ruined quick.


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from Nick

Your question:

Does this portafilter come with a basket? If so what kind stock or a brand.
Our answer:
Thanks for your question Nick.  It actually mentions this on the product page - as with most bottomless portafilters, it's supplied with a generic (unbranded) "triple" basket, which is ridged and of a notional capacity of 22g. It's approximately 28mm deep.Supplied with:  ridged triple basket, approx 22g capacity (approx 28mm deep)

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from Dario D’Angelo

Your question:

Hi, does it fit with Gaggia New Classic mod. 2019? Thanks.
Our answer:
Yes, it's designed for the Classic - and works well with the Classic Pro and Classic 2019

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