Delivery Information

Delivery Information

For information concerning current delivery timescales across our various service options - please see our Delivery Timescales page here.

We provide delivery of our items globally, at prices that directly reflect our mail and courier costs.  They are based almost entirely on the size, weight and destination that we are shipping to.

Where possible, for smaller and lower value products, we use "Royal Mail 1st Class" postage for domestic UK customers, and "Royal Mail International Standard" postage for our International shipments.   These are NOT tracked services and the limit of any compensation claims for lost or damaged shipments is only £20 GBP so please consider any potential financial risk should your non-tracked parcel go missing or become damaged in transit - though we do provide tracked options (with a minimum compensation limit of £50 GBP) at additional cost if you wish to use a tracked service.

For higher value and larger products, we use "Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For" postage for domestic UK customers, and "Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed" postage Internationally.

Where possible and where cost effective, we offer courier delivery (such as FedEx, DPD, TNT etc.) as a cost option.   It should be noted that typically - as the courier companies request more specific commercial information from us than the postal services - they CAN be more efficient when it comes to collecting any locally payable import taxes and duties.

Where shipments are made via Tracked or Courier services, we will send you tracking information when your order is shipped.

We aim to always provide shipping prices that are reflective of the size, weight and value of products being shipped to their destination.  If you have any issues with shipping prices that appear to be incorrect or unreasonable, then please contact us and query it - as it may be an error or we may be able to provide alternatives or discounts if possible.


TRACKED / NON-TRACKED: we have limited ability to claim for compensation (due to loss or damage) when goods are shipped via non-tracked services and they should be considered as non-insured and non-trackable, but low cost.  Also, if shipments are returned to us for any reason outside of our control (such as unable to deliver, refused delivery [perhaps due to local taxes being charged], or item returned to us due to non-collection [whether or not you were made aware]) then we will ONLY reship your item again on payment of the necessary reshipping costs. Please consider these risks when selecting a non-tracked service for your delivery.  We will work with customers who have a tracked or courier delivery to ensure that in most cases we are able to claim adequate compensation from mail/courier companies for loss/damage and can typically reship with no additional cost should the shipment be declared lost or become damaged.

Non-tracked shipping is entirely at your risk : We offer the option of non-tracked delivery as customers request a low cost delivery service for low value items and they are happy with the inherent risks with it. We do not recommend using untracked shipping for international shipments. However - by selecting a non-tracked shipping service you agree to accept all responsibility for loss or damage of the item during non-tracked mail shipping. Furthermore you agree not to subsequently process either PayPal “item not received” claims or bank / credit / debit card charge-backs of a similar “item not received” nature in relation to any orders shipped with a non-tracked service at your request. Should you file such claims with your bank or PayPal then you agree that this clause shall deem your claim unsuccessful and that your bank and/or PayPal should accept this fact and it should take precedence over any other bank, card payment service provider or PayPal term(s) to the contrary. Should you not agree to this clause, you should either select a tracked mail / courier shipping service or NOT order from us.

PayPal users MUST select a Tracked shipping option in order to receive PayPal buyer protection:  When customers purchase products and shipping from us using PayPal payments, you agree to EITHER select a Tracked Shipping option OR give up your rights to claim a refund from PayPal due to "item not received" (should your shipment not arrive when you have specifically selected our Standard non-tracked shipping option). Placing an order with us shall be deemed acceptance of this.

Local Taxes and local VAT:  Whether our products are shipped via Royal Mail or couriers, we cannot be held responsible for any additional payment of local import tax, VAT or duty that may be payable due to local country laws regarding international imports.   When imposed, these local taxes and duties are obviously payable by the customer directly.  Refusal to pay these charges will result in the shipment being returned to us, and once received we will either refund the product cost to you or you can pay to have the items shipped again.

Many countries now have on-line payment of local import taxes, and you WILL need to have a tracking reference code in order to access this information and pay any import tax that is due. You WILL NOT have a tracking reference code if you use an Untracked mail service and hence you will not know about or be able to pay any import tax - and your shipment will usually be returned to us.