Bottomless Portafilter with walnut wooden handle (smooth) - for Gaggia Classic / Classic Pro

Bottomless Portafilter with walnut wooden handle (smooth) - for Gaggia Classic / Classic Pro

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This beautiful wooden handled naked / bottomless portafilter is suitable for any Gaggia Classic model.  It will also fit some other Gaggia models that use a similar portafilter group mount with 6.6mm ears/wings.


  • Width:  approx 78mm wide (ear to ear)
  • Length: approx 235mm
  • Handle diameter : approx 30mm
  • Handle material:  Walnut (as a natural wood product, the tone / grain and lightness or darkness of finish can vary)
  • Portafilter material: polished chrome plated brass
  • Supplied with:  triple basket, approx 22g capacity (approx 28mm deep)
  • Portafilter spring: 1.2mm or 1.4mm based on availability

Note that this is a naked / bottomless portafilter - we also have regular spouted version of this portafilter with the same handle.

Triple basket supplied may differ slightly in appearance to the one pictured (based on basket availability at time of order fulfilment - though will always be a triple basket of approx 21-22g capacity and approx 28mm deep)

Some other models that this portafilter will also fit include:  New Baby, Baby, Baby Class, Baby Twin, Baby Dosata,
Gaggia Coffee, Classic, Classic Pro, Classic 2019, Classic 2020, Evolution, Dose, Pure, Color, Paros, Tebe, Espresso (NOT Gaggia Espresso 2023), Topazio

As the wooden handles are a natural product, the graining and colour of the wood can differ slightly from that shown.  We have included an additional image to demonstrate some of the possible variances in the wood graining and staining. Also whilst we try hard to protect the wood from any damage, as they are commercially manufactured wooden handles they may occasionally have small dents, scratches or dings in the handle - though this obviously doesn't impact performance and if any are noticeable then we can provide advice on adjusting the mounting and minimising the visibility of them.

Walnut wood care and maintenance:  Most of our wooden products have a varnished finished, though some wood products have an oiled finish - which typically benefits from periodic maintenance in order to enhance the appearance and feel of the grain, prevent any issues with cracking and increases the longevity of the wood.  As required, these wooden handles should be lightly reoiled with food grade mineral oil (not olive oil or vegetable oil as this won't usually dry). Ensure the wood is dry and dust free by rubbing with a dry cloth, and then simply pour a little food grade mineral oil onto a cloth and rub this into the surface of the wood, leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes, then reapply - and after a further 15 minutes use a dry paper towel or dry cloth to remove any excess oil. That's it!

NOTE: If you're ejecting your spent pucks directly into the waste (bin/can/garbage), then with any portafilter you may well find that the basket exits as well.  We would always advocate the use of a proper "knock box" to ensure that this doesn't happen - whereby the basket is pushed into the portafilter whilst the spent puck is ejected, and there is no risk of loosing the basket from the portafilter,

Fits my GCP very well , is well made and good price. A+++

Ricardo Barella

Just great - thanks!

Richard Walmsley

This is a great portafilter - having previously bought a cheap one from aliexpress, and paid for the mistake, this one is heaps better. Lovely handle that matches the steam knob well and it fits the machine wonderfully. The basket is on the large size for me but works with a baristapro basket nicely. Great stuff.

Joseph Crayfield

Great Portafilter! Beautiful walnut handle and high quality overall. 10/10


In general it looks good but it has problems (mine, at least): 1. Deep scratches on the portafilter 2. With the provided filter it doesn't fit well, it works great with my other ones 3. The wooden handle is dented right at the end, and lucky me in the upper part, fully visible [SoC comments] Please reach out to us via chat or email about this (it would have been better for you to do this before leaving a 2* review!) - as these issues shouldn't exist, or there are ways to resolve them quickly and easily.

Gabriele Calissi

I am very disappointed with this portafilter since it did not fit my gaggia classic well and it needs considerable force to place it in. Original gaggia portafilter works way better. Handle is not fixed well with head so it unscrews itself often. But hey I guess its not allow to give low rates here right Mr. Shade ? [SoC Response] This is the first non 5* review we've ever had, and definitely the first time a customer has been unhappy with these portafilters - so I can hopefully help you with this. If you need to apply considerable force to install the portafilter then there is probably something wrong with your rubber group gasket. It may have become "dented" to the exact profile and size of your original portafilter, or may just be very hard and not flexible enough to handle a slightly different portafilter. I'd suggest changing your group gasket, ideally to a silicone one - and if you use an 8.0mm one then you'll find the lock-in will be around 5-6 oclock and very easy. The screw handles are standard portafilter M10 screw fittings - as fitted to millions of portafilters globally and ours are no different. If you have tried tightening the handle fully and still have problems with it becoming loose - then you can add a few drops of superglue or thread sealer to the threads just before you reassemble them - and that will fix the problem. Alternatively you will probably find that wrapping a few turns of PTFE thread tape around the threads will also cure the problem of it unscrewing.... but this isn't an issue we've ever encountered or had other customers comment about. So hopefully both of your issues are easily resolved - but if you do require any further assistance with it then please contact us via email or chat and we'd be pleased to help you resolve it fully.

Kaan Erdem

It's way better and qualified than photos, I'm totally satisfied with that portafilter. Perfectly fit on my Gaggia New Classic and great results. Thank you Mr. Shade!

Emirhan Ozkefal

I absolutely LOVE this bottomless portafilter on my Gaggia Classic Pro. Feels great in my hand, looks fantastic, works amazingly well. High quality product for sure!

Jason Boltz

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