Brew pressure gauge kit - for TopBox and case mounting

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Brew pressure gauge kit - for TopBox and case mounting

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*** We hope to have the brew pressure gauge kits available in early June 2022 ***

This 40mm black and chrome brew pressure gauge is designed to fit the TopBox, but could also be used within any other 40mm hole in a Classic (eg cut into the case) if required.

It is a true brew pressure gauge - providing a display of pressure being experienced at the puck.  Most (if not all) other Gaggia Classic pressure gauge kits are tapped into the pump-to-boiler pipe, or elsewhere, and provide only a pump/boiler pressure - rather than actual group pressure.   Due to the flow restrictor within the solenoid valve, the pump/boiler pressure can be quite different to the actual group pressure.

Most other pressure gauge kits also require you to cut pipes or otherwise damage the original machine.  This kit can be installed and removed without signs of it ever being present, and without damaging the original machine in any way (if mounting within a TopBox).

To match the Classic and TopBox colouring, the gauge has a black face, surrounded by a bright chrome ring and shows 0-16 bar pressure.

Our gauge is constructed entirely of metal and does NOT have any glycerin or liquid filling - as this isn't required and is often unsightly.

The kit includes all necessary parts for fitting, along with instructions for installation within a TopBox.

You'll need basic tools for fitting within the TopBox, including:

  • Spanner/wrench
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Allen keys

This kit contains:

Our pressure gauge kit contains everything you need, except for the few basic tools that are shown as being required on the "Description" tab:

  • 40mm black 0-16 bar pressure gauge with 60cm coiled plastic coated capillary tube
  • Brass solenoid valve adaptor
  • Replacement o-rings for solenoid valve and adaptor
  • Mounting bolts for solenoid valve and valve adaptor
  • Heat-break fitting for valve adaptor
  • Heat-break fitting for pressure gauge
  • 10cm of PTFE heat-break pipe

A link to the installation documentation, for installation within a TopBox (other than the actual mounting of the gauge within a hole, this is also relevant to the mounting of the gauge in a 40mm case hole)

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