Delivery Timescale Information

Delivery Timescale Information

Delivery times via International mail / postal services remains very random - but hopefully the information below helps. 

We'll try and keep this up-to-date based on feedback from customers, though in order to do so we would appreciate any insight into your particular delivery timescales once your order arrives, so that we can share that information with others.

We typically offer THREE different delivery services:

1. Untracked mail - a non-priority low cost service that is essentially uninsured and not trackable.

2. Tracked mail - a slightly higher cost priority mail service, that is often slightly faster to deliver than untracked - and is usually tracked from end to end (though some countries do not support this, and only offer delivery confirmation).

3. Courier - a higher cost service (though for the US and Canada, it is often priced lower than tracked mail services) that delivers within a few days of shipping and provides full end-to-end tracking.

Untracked Mail - Delivery types for this services is usually around a month to many countries.  We do see particularly slow services (often due to Covid and Brexit related delays in Customs) within some countries (especially Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic and Italy) and in these and some other countries at times it is not unusual to see delivery taking 6-8 weeks.  We've previously seen deliveries take longer than this in some individual cases - we know of a 3 month delivery to Belgium, and our current record is 10 months to Chile.   These delays are "in country" and you can rest assured that the shipments typically leave the UK within 1 or 2 days of your shipment being mailed.

  • Delivery estimate to most countries currently:  around a month, though becoming quicker 
  • Contact us if you've not received your order after:  10 weeks from shipping

Tracked Mail - Tracked/Signed mail is a "priority" service that provides slightly faster delivery than regular untracked mail services.  Again, we see slower deliveries in many countries - as listed above; though delivery is usually faster than with untracked mail.

We see delivery issues in Germany and the Netherlands, where we frequently receive shipments back from Deutsche Post and PostNL due to "not claimed" by the customer.  This seems to be for no valid reason; though in Germany we do see Deutsche Post make only a single delivery attempt, and if the shipment cannot be delivered then they immediately (same day) "return to sender" the item back to us. We've seen some similar issues with PostNL - so with any tracked mail service it is very wise to monitor the delivery status and immediately contact your local postal office or mail company to address / discuss if you see anything that may negatively impact on your delivery.  We cannot be held liable for any mail items that are not delivered or returned to us due to delivery issues with local mail companies - though we are willing to further investigate any particular issues.

  • Delivery estimate to most countries currently:  2-4 weeks
  • Contact us if you've not received your order after:  6 weeks from shipping

Courier - Courier deliveries provide a significantly faster delivery than any mail services.  We have recently standardised on FedEx as our courier partner of choice for most countries (some exceptions exist, eg Australia) and we have done this due to their exemplary service, speed of delivery and efficiency in collecting any necessary local taxes.  We use "FedEx International Priority" for almost all shipments - and this is often next day (after collection by FedEx) to many countries, though with our processing, packing and shipping processes, it can reasonably take a few days for most packages to be delivered.

We don't usually see any issues with Courier deliveries - and they are operating very well despite Brexit and Covid.  Shipments to North America are very fast, as well as to Europe and elsewhere.  It should be noted that FedEx are very efficient in collecting local taxes, and we MUST send FedEx the commercial invoice for your purchase as part of the shipment booking process.  

  • Delivery estimate to most countries currently:  3-4 days
  • Contact us if you've not received your order after:  2 weeks from shipping (unless previously notified of delays by FedEx)