Gaggia Classic Evo 2023 - RI9481 - Timer Disable Addendum

Gaggia Classic Evo 2023 - RI9481 - Timer Disable Addendum

The basic process for disabling the eco timer in the Classic Evo 2023 is the same as the process for the Classic 2019.

However, in some of the Classic Evo 2023 models Gaggia have moved to a single monobloc connector for each of the three front switches.  You can read more about the individual and monobloc connectors here.

Previously, with the Classic 2019, it was a simple process to remove the 'double green' and 'blue' wire below it, from the brew switch, and bridge them together with the eco-timer disable wire.

In order to perform this process with the Evo 2023 model, you need to physically remove the bare connectors from the brew switch monobloc connector.  This is a relatively simple task, and you can watch this video that shows you how to do it:

Removing the connectors from the monobloc

Once you have removed the two relevant connectors - the 'double green' one and the 'blue' below it, you will have wires that look like this:

(our 'double green' wire is actually shown here as 'double red' - though they're usually a light green in the Evo 2023.  Connectors may be gold or silver in colour.)

You then use the eco timer disable wire to join them together, as in the regular instructions for the Classic 2019:

Finally, use the included piece of silicone tube to insulate these bare metal contacts from possibly touching you or other parts of the machine.  Ensure that the bare metal parts of the connectors are approximately in the centre of the silicone tube:

That's all!