Gaggia 184C thermal fuse with uninsulated connectors

184C fuse and butt connectors

Gaggia 184C thermal fuse with uninsulated connectors

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A blown thermal fuse can occur for a number of reasons, and it's never a fun thing to happen.  We've put this small package together to make replacement simple.

Replacing the 184C thermal fuse of the Gaggia Classic is a relatively simple task, and videos can be found on YouTube showing the process - though we have put this small package together which contains a new fuse along with four uninsulated butt crimp connectors (that are used to attach the fuse to the existing wires) to make life easier.

We supply four connectors (two each, of two different sizes) both to give some flexibility should you make a mistake with one or more connectors, and to allow for differing wire sizes when reattaching to the Classic wiring loom.

This package contains:

  • 184C thermal fuse (rated at 250V / 10A)
  • Two larger uninsulated butt crimp connectors
  • Two smaller uninsulated butt crimp connectors

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