Gaggia Classic 2019+ / Evo 2023 - RI9480 / 9481 - Power switch mod`

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Gaggia Classic 2019+ / Evo 2023 - RI9480 / 9481 - Power switch mod`

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This product is our quick and easy power switch mod for the RI9480 Gaggia Classic. It's ONLY relevant to EU style Classic 2019 or Classic Evo machines (typically models RI9480 and RI9481) that has a spring loaded power switch as standard.

It replaces this standard spring loaded momentary rocker switch - that uses the eco timer board to only turn on for 20 minutes - with a proper on/off rocker switch (as used in the Gaggia Classic Pro in the US) that gives the same on/off functionality as every previous model of traditional Classic has enjoyed.

With this mod (which can be fitted in around 5-10 minutes, and involves a new switch along with some additional wiring / rewiring) you can turn the machine on - and turn the machine off. You don’t need a functioning timer board - so if yours has failed and you have to hold the existing switch down in order to get the power light to come on, then this will also ‘fix’ that.

You can now just leave the machine switched on - and control it using an external WiFi switch if you want to. It’ll come straight on when the WiFi switch turns it on, and it’ll go off when your WiFi switch turns it off.    Obviously this product DOES NOT include any necessary wifi smartswitch to support this functionality.

Installing this switch mod removes the need for the "EU Timer Disable" cable (which simply disables the timer).

IMPORTANT:  Classic Evo 2023 - RI9841 - Please note the Evo 2023 may be shipped with EITHER individual switch connectors, or the new Monobloc switch connectors.  If you have individual switch connectors, then select the Classic 2019 version - if you have Monobloc connectors then select the Classic 2023 monobloc version.  See here for more information about the connector types.

This kit contains:

  • 0/1 rocker switch
  • Suitable additional wiring with fully insulated connectors
  • Reusable cable ties for installation
  • Installation instructions

DISCLAIMER:  The installation of any of our parts or kits, and any modification of any espresso machines undertaken by reference to our installation and/or user guides, should only be conducted by persons with proper electrical safety knowledge who are capable and qualified to undertake such work and modifications.  Many of the components within espresso machines operate at high temperature, high pressure and with mains electrical voltages at high current in the presence of water – any of these could cause serious personal injury, shock, burns, fire, explosion, other property damage and possibly death.  We shall hence not be liable for any damage to property, personal injury or other loss caused by the improper or incorrect use of the aforementioned installation and/or user guides or the provided kit(s) or any of those kit’s component or constituent parts.  By commencing installation of our kit(s) you agree to accept all liability associated with the modification of your espresso machine, and agree to hold us in no way responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever, wherever or whenever caused.  You further agree to indemnify us and our agents, officers, directors and employees, immediately and on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any installation, use, misuse or failure of any of our kits or component parts thereof.

Detailed, well-written installation instructions. Easy installation step by step. It works very well. I recommend...


This is a must add modification to an otherwise excellent machine. It was surprisingly easy to install (following the excellent step by step instructions) and I now have a machine that only switches off when I want it to, plus it can be switched on/off using smart technology. I can even switch it on, by voice, from my car, when I'm on my way home. Highly recommended.


Easy to install, good quality, works perfectly! With a warming up time of 15 min, 20 min is ridiculous! If there would be a 1-2 h option I would buy it but a simple switch is of course the easiest solution! thanks!


Easy to install and makes a massive difference. Obviously has no impact on the quality of the coffee but makes a huge difference to the routine. This is really nit picky but I do wish the font was more similar to the other two buttons. Other than that, I only have good things to say about this mod. (Edited by SoC to say "We use this 0/1 button as it's the same one that Gaggia use on the US and North American machines").


Switching the machine on to warm, getting distracted for a while with something else and coming back to find a turned off, cold machine, was really annoying. This kit made things much easier, I turn on the machine and leave it to get hot without worrying about the timer. Also this kind of switch gives you the option to connect the machine to a wifi plug and turn it on from your smartphone or using a timer before you wake up. Awesome mod, with very clear step by step instructions. No need of electronics experience or special tools.


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from T

Your question:

Hello are there instructions provided with the mod and what are the tools needed to install it ?
Our answer:
Thanks for your question - Installation is quite simple, and full instructions are provided.  Tools required are really only a screwdriver or two (one cross-head and one flat head). Finally some scissors or wire cutters for trimming the supplied cable ties.

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from Simon Dalton

Your question:

Presumably this is also fully reversible for warranty purposes etc just like the easy timer bypass cable?
Our answer:
Yes, it’s completely reversible with no sign that it was ever fitted - if required.

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from Joe Batule

Your question:

I assume this will work on a US 2019 GCP as well? It is not spring loaded but I broke a tab on my switch and looking for an easy swap. Thanks!
Our answer:
A great question - yes - it’s the same switch that you have on your machine now, so if you’re looking for a direct replacement then this will do the job perfectly.

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