How to Check Order Status - and what the status means

How to Check Order Status - and what the status means

If you registered as a customer on here and have an account, then your orders and order history are logged on here and you can log in to see your current and historic orders and view the status of them.

Just click on the "My Account" text at the top of this page, and Sign In from there.

The status of your order reflects where it is within our fulfilment and dispatch process as follows:

StatusWhat this meansWhat happens next - the next Status... usually!
PaidYou have placed an order on here but we've done nothing with it yetPrinted
PrintedWe've printed your order and it's being processed and fulfilledPost Office / Courier
Post OfficeThe order has been packed and sent to Royal Mail (or is pending collection by them)Dispatched
Post Office 2...9Similar to Post Office - Internally used for different batches of Mail itemsDispatched
CourierThe order has been packed and is pending collection by FedExDispatched
DispatchedYour order has been shipped, and we've sent a Dispatch Confirmation email to youYou receive the item / follow tracking
CompletedYour order has been packed and is either pending collection or pending confirmation by Royal MailDispatched
Returned to SoCYour shipment has been returned to us for some reason (not collected / address error, etc.)N/A  (may change to a Refunded status if relevant)
RefundedYour order has been refunded either partially or fullyN/A
Part RefundedYour order has been partially refundedN/A
CancelledYour order has been cancelled (either at your request or because we've modified the order, which cancels one order and creates another with the same order number)N/A
On HoldYour order is on hold within our process, either because you have asked for a shipping delay or we have another reason to place it on hold before dispatchPrinted / Post Office / Courier
CombinedThis order was combined with another current order and shipped with the other order (all other notifications will be relevant to the other order)N/A

If you opted not to create an account when you placed your order then you do not have this detailed visibility, though you will receive the emails that we send out as part of the fulfilment process as follows:

Process StageEmail sent
Order received by usOrder Confirmation email
Order dispatched by usDispatch Confirmation email - with tracking code if relevant
Order refunded /. partially refundedRefund / Partial Refund email
Order cancelledOrder Cancellation email
Shipment returned to SoCShipment Returned (due to non-collection / address error / etc.) email

If you did not create an account during your order process, and have received only an Order Confirmation email - then we haven't shipped your order yet (or haven't received dispatch confirmation from Royal Mail or FedEx yet).

You will ALWAYS be sent a Dispatch Confirmation email when your order ships.

Please check your junk/spam folders to check that you haven't been sent this already and it's been sent to Junk/Spam by your mail system.

Our dispatch confirmation emails include a standard postal service tracking code where relevant.  These tracking codes can be checked on the Royal Mail website, and on your local postal service provider's website (once the shipment reaches the destination country).

We find that the website works very well and allows for a holistic tracking view from all service providers regardless of country.

Courier shipments are all sent via FedEx - and you will receive separate emails from FedEx about your delivery, that includes access to FedEx tracking information.