Shades of Coffee Slim Drip Tray - Classic Pro and Classic Evo - Fitting Rubber Dots

Shades of Coffee Slim Drip Tray - Classic Pro and Classic Evo - Fitting Rubber Dots

From orders placed 11th May onwards, we are now supplying two self-adhesive rubber dots to aid locating the drip tray with a Classic Pro or Classic Evo.

The rubber dots are provided with the Classic Pro / Classic Evo (ie 2019 onwards) SLIM drip tray only.  They are not provided with the Extended or Extended Max drip trays - though the dots can also be used with these trays and these instructions can be used for mounting the dots on them.

This page provides information and guidance on fitting the rubber locating dots provided.

Firstly, download the PDF template and instructions from here:  PDF

You can then follow the instructions within the PDF, as follows:

1. Print the PDF page at ACTUAL SIZE

2. Accurately cut out the large rectangle, cutting ON the outer black line.

3. Place the template tightly into a corner (of a box, worktop, desk or similar – so that there are fixed sides to the rear and either the left or right side of the template – we find that the stiff cardboard box from a boardgame or puzzle works well)

4. Place the two rubber dots accurately inside the two circles – remove the backing so that the sticky side is facing upwards.

5. Place the drip tray into the same corner as the template – ensuring that the back edge and the left or right side are against the sides/walls.

6. Lower the drip tray onto the template / rubber dots – pressing the tray down firmly onto the feet once it is positioned correctly.

7. Remove the tray and further press the rubber dots onto the bottom of the tray.

NOTE that due to the self-adhesive nature of the rubber dots, we do not advise putting the drip tray through a dishwasher or immersing the tray entirely in water, other than briefly, if you are using the rubber dots.  For similar reasons, the rubber dots and the adhesion of them are not covered by Shades of Coffee normal warranty - though if you find that you need further rubber dots (or you bought your tray before we introduced these dots, or want them for an Extended or Extended MAX tray), they are available for purchase from this hidden product page here