Water level float for Slim drip tray

Water level float

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This used to be a useful part that was readily available from Gaggia as a spare part.  Helpfully, they decided to stop making them - so we decided to make them slightly better suited to a Classic and our low profile drip trays and start making them ourselves!

So this is better than the previous Gaggia water level float, which was designed for use originally in other Gaggia machines - but due to the depth of our slim drip trays, and the size of the holes in the standard metal drip tray grid - this float works really well on a Classic with a slim drip tray.

When the drip tray is empty, the float is just held just above the surface of the metal grid - visible but not poking up very far at all (as shown in the gallery images).

As the drip tray fills, the float rises and starts to appear above the metal grid, until it is standing well above it - when the drip tray is full (as also shown in the gallery images).

This product contains:

  • Red plastic water level float

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Something definitely lacking on the factory drip tray so when I was replacing that with the extended slim from SOC adding this float is a no-brainer. It's small but functional and has definitely alerted me to the tray being full twice already which honestly without it would've started to flood my counter, or at least had it be so full I'd slop it around trying to carry it to the sink. At face-value $10 CAD seems kinda steep for a tiny piece of plastic but given the advantages and quality-of-life and potential saved mess/cleanup it gives you--and compared to how much money us coffee folk spend on stupider things--it's negligible. It might be nice to just see it included in the slim tray kit though, even for a small bump in that price. I don't know who _wouldn't_ want one of these in their tray.


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from Laura

Your question:

Hi there, does the float work well with the standard tray supplied with the machine?
Our answer:
No, the float won’t work with the standard drip tray as it’s too deep - you would never get the main cylindrical part of the float to appear in one of the grate holes. With our slim drip trays, the float sits on the bottom of the empty tray and very slightly appears above one of the holes and therefore won’t move as it fills. This wouldn’t be the case with the standard drip tray.

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