Extended (for scales) slim drip tray complete with long vent tube for Gaggia Classic

Deep slim drip tray with vent tube

Extended (for scales) slim drip tray complete with long vent tube for Gaggia Classic

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We've custom designed these Extended slim or shallow drip trays, and are having them vacuum moulded in thick and durable black ABS plastic.

This drip tray differs from the normal slim drip tray that we sell in so far as there is a 40mm extension on the front of it - and the front panel is also deeper (so that it sits on the counter-top).  This design was created and the product produced in response to customers asking for a deeper drip tray with such an extension, so that they could more easily place weighing scales on the drip tray.

They are designed to accept the original black plastic undertray as well as the original stainless steel drip plate from your original Gaggia drip tray.

As they are shallower than the original, at 25mm high - which is around 30mm lower than the original drip-tray, we are also supplying a custom stainless steel vent tube (6mm OD, 0.5mm walls, just like the original - but better quality and with a quality stainless finish rather than chrome) that is longer (158mm) so that it reaches just above the drip tray perfectly.   This longer vent tube is also available on its own from us here.

This single tray design has been made to fit all models of Classic as well as possible. The image gallery shows the drip tray in use within a Classic Pro.

These trays are no longer 3D printed - and are now being made for us by a UK plastics moulding company to our design and specification.

Unlike 3D printed drip trays, these drip trays are very durable - being manufactured from ABS with a textured finish on the top surfaces and a smooth finish on the underside.  Having tested these drip trays along with the standard Gaggia tray, and various 3D printed drip trays (including ones made from PLA, PLA+ and PETG) the difference in temperature resistance is significant - with these and the original Gaggia drip tray easily being able to take multiple trips through a domestic dishwasher = whereas the 3D printed parts suffered in a number of ways (including warping, flexing and delamination of the layers).

The approximate water capacity of a standard Classic drip tray is 550ml; our Extended slim drip trays hold 225ml (41% of original capacity, and the same as our Slim drip trays)

This product contains:

  • Deeper slim drip tray, 25mm high (by 194mm wide and 160mm deep) and vacuum moulded in black ABS (without plastic undertray and stainless steel grille)
  • Custom 6mm OD x 0.5mm walls (5mm ID) stainless steel vent tube, 158mm long

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Makes placing the scale and ensuring it is stable much easier. However, you still cannot place most cups underneath the portafilter if using the original spouted portafilter w/ the timemore scale. Was hoping for more clearance but that will probably only be possible with the bottomless portafilter. Also, keep in mind the tray needs to be drained much faster than the original but that should be obvious. [SoC] Many thanks for your kind review D S - Gaggia seem to have forgotten that many people use proper sized cups/mugs when drinking coffee... yes, a slim drip tray definitely helps but we sell a lot of slim drip trays with bottomless portafilters for good reason. It then makes it just about useable!


Fits perfect and works great even with a larger scale like Timemore. Absolutely worth the money. Fast international delivery - top service!


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from Daryl

Your question:

Will the lip of the drip tray extend to make contact with the work surface? My current 3D printed drip tray is flush with the base, so there is a gap between the tray and the table which makes the tray a little unstable.
Our answer:
Thanks for your question - and, yes - concerning the extended one, the new one will drop down further at the front so that it is touching the countertop.We are conscious of this aspect of the design and function, and our previous 3D printed version had additional supporting feet under it to allow for it - whereas this new version will simply have a slightly deeper front.

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