Gaggia 11 bar OPV / Safety Valve with Oetiker style clamps

OEM OPV and clamps 1

Gaggia 11 bar OPV / Safety Valve with Oetiker style clamps

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This is the original Gaggia OPV as fitted to the Gaggia Classic Pro (and various other models, including the Classic V2 / RI9403) globally.  It screws onto the top of the pump and is factory specified at approximately 11-12bar of pressure.

When fitting a new OPV the (pink/red/orange) braided pump-to-boiler pipe must be removed from the black plastic nipple, and reattached to your new OPV with a "one time use" Oetiker clamp.  Finding and obtaining these clamps isn't a simple process usually - so we help and include two within this package (you'll need one, and then have one spare just-in-case).  The clamps are tightened using a special tool, or we find that a pare of pliers/wire cutters works just as well.  You can find more information on fitting oetiker clamps on YouTube.

NOTE:  If you've broken an existing valve and you're just looking for a replacement, then you can buy our cheaper steel version here - which is identical to this one except for the spring and the metal (it's steel rather than brass): 

This package contains:

  • Gaggia OPV / 11 bar Safety Valve
  • Two oetiker style clamps

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