Gaggia Classic OPV spring mod kit - Standard version (just springs) ## bulk ##

Gaggia Classic OPV spring mod kit - Standard version (just springs) ## bulk ##

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NOTE: Be aware that some sellers are trying to copy our OPV mod kits but are selling kits that don’t perform properly. Usually they are showing images of a Classic with 9 bar on a static pressure test, which will be 8 bar when pouring. Our kits correctly show +1 bar on a static pressure test … so 9 bar spring shows 10 bar; 6.5 bar shoes 7.5 and 5 shows 6.

If you have a newer style Gaggia Classic (depending on the market, this is either models after 2015 for the EU or models after 2018 for the US), then you will have a new style OPV valve - as shown in the Gallery images.

THIS KIT IS ONLY RELEVANT to your Classic if it is one of the following:

  • Model RI9480/?? - UK/EU Gaggia Classic 2019  (inc. 2019-22/30th Anniversary) - with three separate switches on the front
  • Model RI9380/?? - US Gaggia Classic Pro (inc. 2019-22/30th Anniversary)  - with three separate switches on the front
  • Model RI9481/?? - UK/EU new Gaggia Classic Evo 2023 - with three separate switches on the front
  • Model RI9381/?? - US new Gaggia Classic Pro Evo  - with three separate switches on the front
  • Model RI9403/??- UK/EU "New" Gaggia Classic 2015-2018 - with different switches and internals to the traditional Classic and no vent tube

This product was designed for the new Classic models (Classic Pro / Classic 2019) though is also relevant to the EU RI9403/?? (2015-18) model and the latest Classic Evo models - as they use the same fixed OPV.  Some other Gaggia models (eg Baby) may also use this similar valve, and hence this kit will also apply if it uses a similar pump-mounted black plastic OPV.

This new style OPV valve is characterised by being a black plastic valve attached to the top of the pump - that has TWO pipes leading from it, as can be seen in the Gallery images.

This product is the standard version,  which is just the different pressure springs, and is relevant if your machine already has TWO pipes visible within the water tank, as also shown in the Gallery images.

If you only have ONE pipe visible in the water tank then you need the PLUS version of the kit (that includes additional pipe).

Spring pressures

The 9 bar spring is great for general use, and is the "industry standard" espresso extraction pressure.  Most people will use this one.

The 6.5 bar spring is good for some espressos, and lower pressure extractions are being used in many coffee shops now.  It's worth trying this one, as you may prefer the taste and mouthfeel that lower pressure extractions produce.  Some careful installation of the spring and replacement of the floating valve seat may be required with this one, otherwise you can find that steam pressure will leak out of the valve and reduce your steaming power.

The 5 bar spring is very low - and again it's great to try it - but this one is quite low pressure and can cause some challenges when you steam; as the steam pressure can escape from the OPV if it exceeds 5 bar.  Great for straight espresso or Americano lovers though.

I've installed the OPV mod kit and now I don't have much steam power, what's up?


Please remove the lid from your espresso machine (the two small screws at the rear of the machine, within the black plastic lid) and absolutely confirm that your pump looks like the one shown within the Gallery images - with the black plastic valve that has TWO pipes attached.

This kit contains:

  • 9 bar spring
  • 6.5 bar spring
  • 5 bar spring
  • Installation instructions

NOTE that once you have bought this kit and checked out, the installation and use manual will be sent to you as a PDF digital download - so you can start reading.

DISCLAIMER:  The installation of any of our parts or kits, and any modification of any espresso machines undertaken by reference to our installation and/or user guides, should only be conducted by persons with proper electrical safety knowledge who are capable and qualified to undertake such work and modifications.  Many of the components within espresso machines operate at high temperature, high pressure and with mains electrical voltages at high current in the presence of water – any of these could cause serious personal injury, shock, burns, fire, explosion, other property damage and possibly death.  We shall hence not be liable for any damage to property, personal injury or other loss caused by the improper or incorrect use of the aforementioned installation and/or user guides or the provided kit(s) or any of those kit’s component or constituent parts.  By commencing installation of our kit(s) you agree to accept all liability associated with the modification of your espresso machine, and agree to hold us in no way responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever, wherever or whenever caused.  You further agree to indemnify us and our agents, officers, directors and employees, immediately and on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any installation, use, misuse or failure of any of our kits or component parts thereof.

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