Gaggia Classic Pro - complete steam wand assembly (with optional The One steam tip)

Gaggia Classic Pro - complete steam wand assembly (with optional The One steam tip)

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This is the complete steam wand assembly from the Classic Pro - which can either be used to replace the existing wand on a Classic Pro or as a GREAT upgrade to any traditional Classic - with a simple bolt off / bolt on upgrade to this stainless wand with removable two hole tip.

The product contains all parts shown in the picture, including fixing nut, clip/union joint, rubber elbow, lower steam wand and two hole tip.

It is NOT suitable for the RI9403 / Classic V2 / Classic 2015 model.

Note that the steam arm has a rotating joint, it is not fully articulated on a ball-joint.

This steam wand is an official Gaggia spare part.

COMBO DEAL :  Optionally you can combine this steam wand with The One single hole steam tip at a discounted price, by selecting the "Combo deal - with The One" option (rather than "Steam wand only").  You'll then receive the standard wand with two-hole tip, and The One one-hole tip.

INSTALL TIPS: Ensure that you have the top end of the steam wand fully inserted into the steam valve mounting before tightening the nut. Getting the correct angle on the upper fitting makes all the difference in doing this - and removing the steam knob and loosening the steam valve mounting bolts to allow the valve to move slightly whilst fitting the Pro wand can help, as can separating the two parts of the Pro wand.  Look at the photo on here to ensure that you have the retaining wire clip inserted the correct way when re-assembling.

Fantastic! A drop in replacement for my original gaggia classic.


Well made and easy to fit. Was expecting the arm to have the ball / socket articulation, but it doesn't. Not a problem (and not an issue with the way it is described, I'd just assumed the ball / socket thing and that was my presumption being wrong) A very different proposition to my old panarello wand!

Matt L

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from Paul

Your question:

Will this fit a 2006 Classic model?
Our answer:
Thanks for your question Paul; yes - it’s a direct “bolt off, bolt on” replacement for the standard steam wand on any proper Classic (ie except RI9403 EU Classic V2)

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from David

Your question:

Can this be installed on a RI9303 2015 Gaggia?
Our answer:
Many thanks for your question - which I'll update from my previous response;  Yes, this is suitable for the RI9303 Classic from 2015; though it is NOT suitable for the different RI9403 Classic from 2015 (available in the EU from 2015-2018).

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