Stainless steel mesh puck screen or contact screen 58.5mm / 57.5mm - 50 micron mesh

Mesh puck screen

Stainless steel mesh puck screen or contact screen 58.5mm / 57.5mm - 50 micron mesh

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Stock situation:
  Single screen 58.5mm (Classic / E61 etc.) : Plenty of them
  Single screen 57.5mm (Cafelat Robot) : Still in three figures
  Pack of Two screens 58.5mm (Classic / E61 etc.) : Less than ten left
  Pack of Two screens 57.5mm (Cafelat Robot) : Less than ten left
  Pack of Three screens 58.5mm (Classic / E61 etc.) : Plenty of them
  Pack of Three screens 57.5mm (Cafelat Robot) : Plenty of them


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Lower shower screen / puck screen / contact screen - stainless steel mesh (58.5mm or 57.5mm)

The Shades of Coffee mesh puck screen is a premium tool that we've been using recently and hope you also enjoy using it to help produce better quality extractions with any machine using 58mm sized basket - or now also sized for the Cafelat Robot.

It features:

  • 1.7mm thick 316 stainless steel with 0.05mm (50 micron) multilayered mesh filter
  • Each screen weighs approximately 25g and hence has it has a higher thermal mass than our laser etched screens.
  • Laser etched Shades of Coffee branding

The puck screen, when placed directly on top of the tamped/prepared puck prior to extraction helps with:

  • More even distribution of water across the puck
  • Less forceful water impact on the puck, which can often cause channelling.
  • Hugely reducing the amount of coffee that is left on or behind the showerscreen after extraction (making your cleaning routine significantly quicker and easier).

As many people will want multiple puck screens, we are offering discounts for multiple screens within the bundles listed.

These are packaged in a bubble-wrap bag.

This product includes:

  • 58.5mm or 57.5mm stainless steel 50 micron mesh puck screen with Shades of Coffee branding
  • Packaged in a small bubble-wrap bag.

This tool is excellent! It really does help with channeling, coffee is more consistent and helps a bit with lighter beans. And definitely helps reducing the muck going back into shower screen. Highly recommended!


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from Felix

Your question:

What would the use case be for the 50 and the 200 micron?
Our answer:
In practical use there is marginal difference.  The filtration of the 50 micron obviously prevents even smaller particles from migrating upwards into the group and primary shower screen, and it also creates slightly more resistance to flow (and hence additional puck compression) when in use.  Downside of it, are that it is considerably thicker (1.7mm as opposed to 0.2mm) and it has greater mass - and hence thermal mass.  It'll take a little pre-heating and it remains quite hot after the shot - so you need asbestos fingers to remove them immediately afterwards. Personal preference really - though I tend to use the 50 micron / 1.7mm thick mesh one most of the time.

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from Kevin

Your question:

Does it matter which side is up or down? I'm assuming logo side up...
Our answer:
Functionally it makes no difference - though if you use it logo side up, then the more coarse side is down against the puck and this makes it easier to remove the screen from the puck.  If you use it with the logo side down then it'll work the same but you'll find that it sticks to the puck more after use.

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