Gaggia Classic eco timer disable wire

timer disable cable

Stock situation:
  Classic 2019 (RI9480) : Plenty of them
  Classic V2 (RI9403) : Less than ten left
  Classic Evo 2023 : Less than ten left


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This wire allows you modify either your EU model Gaggia Classic 2019 (RI9480) or the Gaggia Classic v2 (RI9403) to disable the 20min power-down timer, and allow your machine to remain powered on until you decide to turn it off with the power switch.

The modification itself is a simple "plug and play" wire, and it comes with fitting instructions.  Fitting can be performed in less than 5 minutes, and the wire can be just as easily removed and the machine returned to standard if ever required.

This modification is not suitable for earlier models, or for US models of the Gaggia Classic Pro, that DO NOT have the eco timer.

As the two models that use this timer (RI9480 and RI9403) use different sizes of connectors, you need to select your specific model when purchasing.

Gaggia Classic 2019 (RI9480): If you remove the lid of your Gaggia Classic 2019, your front switchbank should have EIGHT white connectors on it - as shown in the Gallery images.

Gaggia Classic V2 (RI9403): This model has the stainless steel boiler and no vent tube; it was made for the EU market between 2015 and 2018.

Gaggia Classic Evo 2023 (RI9481): If you remove the lid of your Gaggia Classic Evo 2023, your front switchbank should have THREE larger white connectors on it with 4 wires going into each connector (see here)

This kit contains:

  • Timer disable wire
  • Installation instructions

NOTE that once you have bought this kit and checked out, the installation instructions will be sent to you as a PDF digital download - so you can start reading.

DISCLAIMER:  The installation of any of our parts or kits, and any modification of any espresso machines undertaken by reference to our installation and/or user guides, should only be conducted by persons with proper electrical safety knowledge who are capable and qualified to undertake such work and modifications.  Many of the components within espresso machines operate at high temperature, high pressure and with mains electrical voltages at high current in the presence of water – any of these could cause serious personal injury, shock, burns, fire, explosion, other property damage and possibly death.  We shall hence not be liable for any damage to property, personal injury or other loss caused by the improper or incorrect use of the aforementioned installation and/or user guides or the provided kit(s) or any of those kit’s component or constituent parts.  By commencing installation of our kit(s) you agree to accept all liability associated with the modification of your espresso machine, and agree to hold us in no way responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever, wherever or whenever caused.  You further agree to indemnify us and our agents, officers, directors and employees, immediately and on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any installation, use, misuse or failure of any of our kits or component parts thereof.

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from Oliver Frei

Your question:

Would this allow to turn on the machine using a smart plug? Or would the on button to be pressed manually?
Our answer:
This won't allow you to turn on with a smartswitch - it just over-rides the timer.  If you would like to use a smartswitch then you need our Power Switch Mod instead.

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from Benjamin

Your question:

Hey :) is it just the one plug that, has to be connected with your small cable, as shown in the photo ? Best regards Benjamin
Our answer:
Thanks for your question.  If you take a close look at the "before" and "after" photos in the gallery, you should see that you remove TWO connectors from the front brew switch, and join them together with the piece of cable supplied.  That's it! 

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from Pedro Oliveira

Your question:

Hello! My machine has the power button malfunctioning, turns off when I release the button. Does this solve the problem? Thanks
Our answer:
Hello - no, the eco timer disable wire will just trick a working power control board into remaining on all the time;  your problem is that the timer control board has failed (a common problem in the new Classic) - and you actually need our "Power switch mod" kit , that gives you a proper 0/1 on and off rocker switch along with some additional wiring to bypass it completely - and THIS will fix your machine:

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